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  1. Hello guys, just start by saying your combined knowledge has been invaluable to me I've been able to sort and rectify everything using what you have already added to the forums regarding a single plant first grow...however I have hit a little snag... My seed came from a hybrid bag..dont know which one but it is definitely a skunk hybrid...
    My plant is going strong nice thick stork, short and bushy with leaves coming from all nodes and I have just started bursting 5 fan leaves rapidly from the top but it still shows no signs of sex as of yet? It is just coming up to a month old and I'm just making it reach a few inches more higher now...
    I am thinking this is not auto flower judging by the time taken and my question is with non auto will they show signs of sex before I make it flower or not and should I move my schedule forward if so?
    It is a one plant grow
    150 watt CFL with a 50 watt blue vegging LED garnish 24 hour light whilst vegging.

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  2. Welcome. Some plants will show pre-flowers and some won't. Your plants look healthy. :thumbsup:
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  3. Thank you very much. Its already smelling a little bit so I guessed its alright
  4. Can you post a pic of your grow lights etc.. Just curious to see.
  5. Pattern suggest female traits id bet
  6. Of course had to do one at a time as the camera was messing around with both on at once for some reason.

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  7. Just so you know tin foil is not that reflective you should look in to white paint or mylar there is a brand called panda sheets i think which you cut to fit and just hang up
  8. I got some solar reflective paint coming. Thank you
  9. Is that your grow area that is very small. Do you plant to transfer somewhere else?
  10. I've got a larger box just need to paint the inside with the solar reflective paint then it will be moved. The box is 2.5 feet height by 1.5 feet wide.

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