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  1. I started smoking pot 3 months ago and I loved it.. but the thing is...my parents don't really like it...but I know, people will always say, "you do whatever you want and be yourself". But honestly, I feel bad doing it, even though I really love it. I smoke pot not because I want to look cool. I smoked because I feel more intelligence and focus and all kinds of creativity spark ssensation going crazy in my head.
    I kinda want to stop because of my parents but I will lose all of that effects.
    Or I continue smoking and be myself?
  2. Hold off until you move out.
    I stated in my early 20's
    College is a good place to begin that journey
  3. I am 20 almost 21 actually. But honestly, School starts again, I want to smoke to get the effects in order to help me with my homework and school stuffs, but as well as I do feel bad smoking behind my parents' back. You know...
  4. And of course I am in college. It is just my parents...ughhh
  5. Always be yourself. If you feel you benefit from it then vocalise that to your parents if you ever need or want to. I recently opened up about myself using psychedelics to family and they found what I had to say interesting and we talk about it quite regularly now. Obviously people react differently but really, what's the worse that could happen. If it isn't death then it's not that bad, if they disown you then that's their loss/problem. You may even find they have a more positive opinion that you think about cannabis, it is 2017 after all. Only other tip I will give you is not to rely on the herb all the time for the reasons you list. Take breaks from it, but that's just my opinion from a dude that has been smoking for over a decade and has abused it in the past.

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