Hey Guys! It's ME Evilpig.

Discussion in 'General' started by Evilpig, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure who's still around, but I just wanted to say I'm back and hopefully will start posting again. Been smokin so much weed lately I figured, why not?

    Anyways just saying hi, anything I should know that I missed in the past year haha?

    Cya all!
  2. I'm here.
    nice to meet you.
  3. Shit, son, I was just wondering yesterday where the hell you were after seeing an old post of yours.
  4. hair trigger has been installed on the ban hammer.
    its crazy.
  5. hi nice to meet you :)
  6. thanks guys. sad to see bans but you know how it goes. I hope to meet a lot of you in addition to the people I remember. (stoner memory ftw) :D
  7. Well remember me, because i plan on sticking around.

    and does any body know what happened to neg?
    not the ban, i heard something about him being in intensive care?
    just hope hes doing alright.
  8. That was neg, being a douche on another account, likely for attention or sommat.
  9. hey haven't seen that name around in a while

    good to see yah back
  10. yeah i heard something about n overdoss then being in the hospital and then thanks to RMJL he busted his ip adress being used under the name snake666 its a crazy city

    Btw nice to meet you EvilPig peace.
  11. thx! will see more of me soon :D

  12. Welcome back. Not that I know ya all that well. But you're definatley a name I recognise.
  13. It's the Pig of Evil!!! :hello:

    I was just wondering where you've been the other day. With all this hubbub goin' on lately, it's good to see another friendly face back around these parts. :smoking:

  14. sadly all too true
  15. I remember seeing that pig all the time before I joined and when I first signed up...
    Welcome back!!:)
  16. never gonna let you go, gonna hold you in my arms forever

  17. Welcome back! I just signed in myself after a long break from the internet. :p
  18. welcome back! I've been here for awhile, not sure if you know me or vice versa, but hi :)
  19. dude i quit having pig nightmares after not seeing your avatar..

    but now..:eek::eek:
  20. nice to meet u! blaze up....:D

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