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Hey guys, is this considered a negative? Taking a test this Tuesday.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LMac3000, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Looks negative to me.
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  2. I had a line exactly like that on mine on tuesday but completely failed later on in the day when a girl i know who worked for iop groups gave me this iCUP test(super accurate, has ph strips and little strips that can determine if the pee is diluted and all that jazz) and failed, quick lol. It was the same cut off as this home test as well. I only had 60 ounces of water before my home test but not all at once, my regular water intake on a couch day so maybe im right around the 50ng limit and the little bit of water was enough to drop under the cutoff for the home test‍♂️ I also had cut water intake after my first test and had a few beers in me before i pissed for the fancy icup test haha. they do say a faint line is a line though. Was this your first piss of the day?
  3. Ah okay,

    No this was in the middle of the day. I just took another one after having down a ton of cranberry juice. (I've been drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water AND lots of time in the gym.) I also am about to finish a weeklong detox regimen. Phew. Anyway, yeah this was about an hour or so after a run
  4. I hope so!!
  5. Man you dont need the cranberry juice, just use the water. How heavy of a smoker are/were you and how long have you been clean. Because a mid day pee and the stuff youve been doing could be diluted enough to get under the cut off. If you want to guage it better take a day off and do nothing, drink a regular amount of water and then the next day right when you wake up take a test and that will be a better guage.
  6. So I used to smoke pretty heavily. The last time I smoked heavily was about two years ago. I was overseas for two years and when I came back, I ended up smoking several times over the course of two weeks. The last time I smoked since those two weeks was about 4 weeks ago.
  7. Military? After 4 weeks id assume that line would be more visible.
  8. It just hit the 4 wk mark today
  9. I'm wondering if my past history would slow down the process?
  10. Well are you a heavier person with a slow metabolism? Hows the diet when youre not trying to clean up?
  11. So I've been trying to lose enough weight to join the army. When I first started I weighed about 270 but over the past several months I was able to get down to 245-242lbs. During that time I ate extremely healthy. Kale salads and portioned meals. When I got back to the US I thought that I was going to have another few months at least till I could join the military because I originally thought the cut off for my height was 189lbs. But when I actually spoke to a recruiter, he taped me up and we found that I made the cut in terms of body fat. I know, totally put myself in this situation. I just thought I'd be clean by now

    BTW I went out and bought another drug test and came back positive :/ guess I'll have to delay MEPS. Again.
  12. Oh so your not in a time crunch. Take your time man dont kill yourself trying to get clean. Give it another two weeks and if you still pop positive send it to a lab and get your exact levels so you can see them on paper. The military isnt going anywhere so dont blow your chamce by rushing it and failing.

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