Hey Guys! I'm back!

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, feels like its been forever since I have been on here and it was pretty much the whole summer!:eek:

    I have gotten extremly into weightlifting and spend most of my online time researching at or bodybuilding.com or working online through ChaCha so I was very busy!

    I had an awesome summer full of fun, an awesome park ranger job, a mushroom trip and a whole ton of personal growth!:D

    Now that I am heading back to school at UMaine, I won't be working and will have time for the city again, I missed this place!

    How was everyone else's summer?:hello:
  2. welcome back blaze and dont leave again lol
  3. Sounds like a good time, welcome back, man!
  4. What's up bro? :bongin:
  5. sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!! awesome.
  6. Welcome back, man! Haven't seen ya around in ages. Always great to see another blade show his face 'round these parts once again.
  7. Good to see you back around here :)

    My summer was alright, it was a lot of fun but I didn't have a job because I was so busy and not having any money sucked. I just found a job, now I spend all my time working and I'm pretty happy with that. Making lots of money which is a nice change from being broke.

    Soon enough I'll have enough money saved up to get to school and possibly get a better car cause mines struggling. Nice being able to think about paying for expensive things.
  8. Sup dude! Respect.
  9. Word, whatup man... It feels like I just read some of your posts a couple weeks ago :eek:

    I gotta lay off the ganj... :smoke:
  10. Glad to see you guys are all doin good too! So whos still around? Heinus Anus? KSR? and god damnit I cant remember his name but the dude from cali, always thizzin and shit with mad posts on here, and too many others to name/too high to remember
  11. I was stoned the whole summer 24/7 up until 2 days ago.

    Thanks for asking.

    good to see ya again.
  12. whats good mayne....good to see you back around these parts.....
  13. Welcome back man!

    Glad to see you're having a good summer.
  14. You were a park ranger, man?

    Right on
  15. Welcome back to the city
  16. welocome back dude! still loving the ppipe in your sig:p
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    Yup last summer and this summer. This time it was a National Park. Got an amazing reference from my boss who LOVED me and was the coolest woman I have ever met. Wrote an entire one page reference without me even asking!

    She also happens to be friends with the superviser at Acadia National Park! Which would be fucking amazing if I worked there next summer so I am very excited!:hello:

    But yes, Park Ranger jobs kick ass:cool:

    And, its still broken :mad:

    I do have a cool new pipe, but no where near as cool as the one in my sig. RIP.

    Oh and P.S. is SmokenToke and KSR still around?

    I'm seein a lot of unfamiliar/new names around the board. and Holy shit, a couple of months and it will be 3 years on GC!
  18. Yup 3 yrs....VIP here we come! hahah

  19. Haha hell yeah, you got me by 1 month!:hello:
  20. ya'll aint got shit on me!
    good to see ya back around these parts though

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