Hey guys im a total noob here got some questions

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  1. Hey guys whats up im looking to by a bong off GC and i was just wondering about the box it comes in does it have anything that would insinuate herb or anything like that my mom doesnt care she just doesnt want it sitting infront of our apartment if it totally looks like a box containing a bong
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    EDIT: My bad *****. No they send everything in a regular box. Though from my understanding US customs could inspect whats in the box and open it, and write whats in the box on the outside.
  3. they send them in plain boxes. stealth style :cool:
  4. he means the on the box like "Grass City" or something, I mean really.. he prolly knows the box isnt gonna smell like pot.
  5. what? he's talking about something weed related being on the box that it comes in.

    to OP: i've never ordered off GC, but i sincerely doubt it would. there's absolutely no reason for them doing so and I'm pretty sure they know to be discreet when shipping that kind of stuff out.
  6. Thanks for all the new guys stealth style is legit so plain boxes ?
  7. yeah but they customs if they search it will print the contents on the outside
  8. Why would it matter if your mom saw it was from GC? Are you 16 or something?

  9. Dude why you gotta try to do that shit? If he admits it himself then let him be an idiot, but if dont try to provoke it out of it man. Not cool.
  10. I'm 18 and my mom would snap if it said grasscity, or bong on a package for me. Her rules are no weed or weed paraphernalia in the house if I want to stay living here.
  11. Same I wanna buy a bong off of here, but I really need someones help with the shipping times.. If someone can help me the shipping time of GC that would be awesome
  12. Thanks for all the tips guys ill definatley be placing an order :)

  13. Relax man, not everyone's moved out of their parents house by the time their 18.

    If i was living at my mother's house, i sure as hell wouldn't want her finding a package that say's Grasscity or "bong" on it.

    Doesn't mean their underaged.
  14. Okay i didn't read the thread so no flaming if i repeated someone
    But GC ships it from out of the US so it will go through customs. Customs doesn't check every package but they do random searches and if yours happens to be searched then they will stick a paper that says "water pipe" or "pipe" on it. I had no problem with this but if you're unlucky then yeah
  15. Hey i know this is kind of stupid can i get one straight answer or like if somebody has a pic of a recently ordere piece could they show my the box BTW i am 18 just going through my senior year in high school
  16. Just go to a headshop
  17. true....

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