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hey guys i got a question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 21, 2010.

  1. ok everytime i get stoned b4 i go to bed (helps me get to sleep because i got adhd an my mind races all night pot slows it down (one madicnal purpose right there) ) any ways i have these wierd dreams about a girl and its been the same girl threw out like 15 dreams last night we where stuck in a zombie invaded city trying to get out

    is it normal to dream about the same person every dream you have when you are high?? or the same thing?? thanks:smoke:
  2. I don't dream when im high. sounds weird though the most i've had a person in my dreams was for 3 days straight.
  3. Pot, chicks, and zombies. Perfect
  4. I KNOW RIGHT IT WAS AN AMAZIN DREAM till i got completly consumed by those damn zombies:devious:
  5. 2 was the most i ever had b4 i experimented with pot b4 going to bed (my dad told me they prescribe pot in cali for ADHD so i decided to try it an see how it worked)
  6. I think it pretty normal to dream about the same thing a lot whether you are high or not. I'm not into all that "dreams have meanings" stuff but from personal experience I know that if something is bothering you, you will be more likely to dream about it over and over. Sometime I will dream about stuff that has nothing to do with real life multiple times just because I had the dream before and I guess it's just really on my mind when I go to sleep. Is this "person" a chick you like? A lot of times when I like a chick I will dream about her multiple times.

    Edit: Nevermind, I misread, it's about a chick. The zombies are probably because zombies are awesome.
  7. I don't dream when I smoke either (haven't had a dream that i remembered in i dont know how long.. :( ) JEALOUSY IS SETTING IN!
  8. i cant even remember my dreams when im high so idk what to tell you
  9. I don't dream when I smoke, and I don't remember the dreams I do have sober.

  10. thanks man =] i guess it is normal
    :eek: yea its a girl i like :) and yea zombies are the shit!!!:D:smoke::D
  11. sorry man try looking into lucid dreaming (not that i have had one for a while)
  12. Yeah for the longest time i NEVER dreamed. Then i couldn't smoke for 9 days about a month ago and my dreams came back. Since then once in awhile i dream, actually had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row! They were about a girl i like too :eek:
  13. i have crazy vivid dreams if i go to bed baked like ill wake uo and it feels like it really happened
  14. Nod off to have the best dreams ever. But as far as weed goes my dreams are always vivid when high, its a blessing. Enjoy it :]
  15. It's prolly someone you think about often? Maybe someone u had recent contact with but hadn't seen for a long time before that?

    Being a pisces I have dreams come to fruition all the time and I find it super interesting to try to remember dreams and figure them out.
  16. Sometimes i have awesome dreams while high.

    You just gotta get the right mindset.
  17. =] glad to here i aint the only one dreamin bout a girl i like but honestly if i was i wouldnt care = ]

    they are the shit arnt they (spechaly the ones where u get to rescue em:eek:)
  18. Yeah that's happened to me before. I'm pretty sure I was high. And then I ended up having one dream about the apocalypse and then the next night I pretty much had the same dream/a continuation of the dream. It was pretty awesome. Now whenever I go to bed high I dream about food and being somewhere completely and totally chill eating my food.

  19. Are you serious? They do? If so, I'm so much happier that I live in a total stoner town in California.
  20. yup yup they do lol he told me they did looked it up an they forsurly do its alot better then the pills they prescribe because those are made of speed an the dumb ass goverment is givin kids speed

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