Hey guys, how long do you think I have left of flowering?

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  1. Hi :)

    This is a Kera Queen Royal Diamond auto that has been flowering for about 4-5 weeks now. I have read that it should have finished already. Potentially not as much light as she'd like so made her slow.

    Indoor grow in a DIY tent with a 50W CFL and 20W red LED. (I know, I know, not enough light).

    How long do you think it has left? My trichomes are mushroom-shaped! There are some new looking pistils though, greenish. About 20% have turned orange.

    I started flushing about a week and a half ago so probably was a bit early in hindsight, didn't judge the timing too well. It's only my second grow so I'm sure I'll learn for next time!



    Edit: bad formatting…

    IMG_3347.JPG IMG_3348.JPG IMG_3349.JPG IMG_3350.JPG
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  2. It looks like they still need quite a bit of time.
    The buds are still small & forming, the pistils haven't changed much in color. Even though you can see the mushroom shaped trichomes, if they are still clear, more time is needed.
    A jeweler's loupe will be needed to check the trichomes closely for cloudiness and amber appearance.
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  3. Not ready yet buddy you've got @ least another month(3-4 weeks) hey not bad for one cfl u my get an 8th of that and I've also heard because cfls run less heat they don't burn the trichs as much(wich you will need a jewelrs loupe to check em as mentioned above by tangentweed) :) happy growing
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  4. Where did you read that it would be done at 4 weeks of flower? I agree that you have 3-4 more weeks to go if you plan to take it to term.

    One of the most important factors involved in growing this plant is >>>>patience<<<<. Take no bud before it's time!

    best of luck with the finish
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  5. Surely you must be mistaken.

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  6. The place I bought it from said it is sprout to harvest in 9 weeks.
  7. Had great luck with a 125 cfl , clones do well under it and very little heat emitted

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    Ahhh I think what they meant was I takes 9 weeks of flowering(start counting from first pistil.) you can't include the time it takes to grow during its vegetation stage I typically run veg for 4-6 weeks then switch to flower go 8-10 weeks but I grow big not everyone does also depending on the strain :) Patience is key a photoperiod plant can take anywhere from 3-5 months autos run a shorter lifespan than that not trying to discourage you but u also will have to account for drying time, curing, it's quite the process to go from seed to good tasting fruit there's a ton of fantastic threads on this site full of info. Happy Growing!

    I'll add a link to a helpful site I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post link or not anyways it gives you a general idea about cannabis growing aswell as the life cycle of a cannabis plant personal favorite of mine

    How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed? | Grow Weed Easy

    Just noticed yours are autos
    Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains Guide (Plus How to Get Better Yields & Potency) | Grow Weed Easy
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  9. Sure you can it's cool.

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  10. Thanks for your help! I actually tried a photoperiod for my first grow (this one is only my second) and vegged it for way too long, a couple of months at least, it was flowering so slowly with not enough light for such a big plant so I had to bin it. Proper sad. So I bought an auto seed instead. I'm learning lol

    I'll have a read of the links you sent
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  11. Im glad you found it helpful never tried autos but a friend of mine told me I need to try fastbuds lsd-25 auto so I'm putting in an order ;) happy growing!

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