hey guys check this thing out

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  1. The best CO2 generator is 'YOU'
    spend sometime with your plants, both will feel better


  2. hahaha so true^^^

    i probably spend about an hour a day either workin with or just staring at and taking pictures of my plants lol
  3. you know how much those cost?:confused:...
  4. how much is it.

  5. ive been trying to get info from them but have not heard back from them yet
  6. My room is constant 900-1000ppm on its own. I have my tent next to the furnace room. Once I get a co2 bottle it'll help it last much longer as I'll just have to run an extra 200-300ppm.http://www.google.ca/
  7. Ok, OK, you push me!!!!
    if you spend an hour a day in there, then consider,as an experiment only.
    BREWING your own beer or wine as per the local hop shop,
    as the wine 'matures' it emits Co2, thus blasting the plants, and eventually you, I'm so against all this 'forced' un natural stuff, the booze is kept warm
    via the lights, so long as the yeast is out gassing then the plants get C02.

    Your level of inducment could be
    next batch.....


    ps. I can recommend the red wine, if you make a mistake.. then use it in your cooking....lol!

  8. hehehe i would but i dont drink lol
    what would i do with it water the plants lol
  9. well i found out its not out on the market yet so they wont give me a price
  10. A few of my collegues brew there own beer and decant it to a barrell,
    trust me guys it's total SH*t , but these guys use some Co2 bottle to keep it pressurised.
    I'm thinking it would be quite easy to use the same system in ones grow room
    all thats needed is some type of measuring device.

    Info gleaned from this site should provide ample details
    again the cost and brains would be spent on the DIY measuring device
    already we can get electric powered fly spray things, powered by 1 or 2 AA+

    You follow my train here???????

  11. I myself have been thinking about this system C02 Boost, no need to purchase any tanks. The problem i see from it is money, as one bucket is only good for 90 days, one grow!
  12. what about those generators for fishtanks why cant they be implemanted in to an open air deal ????
  13. in that bucket is a fungi that produces CO2. i haven't tried to reproduce the bucket from a small sample yet, but i'd bet it works for anyone who's grown mushrooms before...

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