Hey guys! Check out my new glass :D

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  1. My roommie broke my 2 ft PURE so i went and got this bad boy (with his help of course....)

    Introducing: The Kong Bong


    It says Kong on the label and on the Monkey's shirt it says "Phire"


    Heres a glass stash spot that the dude threw in for free :smoke: Its nice to pick ur nugs out of that instead of a baggie.


  2. I'm definitely not a fan of Phire... but their Kong line is thick as fuck! I saw some at a shop in Ann Arbor and it seems they've gone for a complete revamp to get their name out of the mud. All the pieces I saw were 7 or 9 mm thick and could clearly take a beating. Nice pickup man...
  3. i appreciate it bud

  4. Let me guess.. Your talking about wildside... I really don't like that head shop. The guy behind the counter gives me a big pervert vibe.
  5. naw it was a different one but so far the glass is treating me mad nice :)
  6. I think he meant me... cause yeah I was talking about wildside.

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