Hey guys, can ya help me?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokez, May 20, 2006.

  1. k, so i got this thing on my mind and that is that iv been blazin alot of weed lately, well not weed its hash, but its such good hash that, pretty much only 1 bowl gets ur ripped out of ur tree. So my friend gets it really really cheap, he sells it to me for cheap so i take advantage of it, but im really only smokin a gram, but i can smoke 5 bowls a day and be super ripped for the whole day, but i feel like im blazing ALOT, but really its only a gram.. do you think it would be the same as smoking a gram at once or over a periode of time?
  2. If you split it up over the day, youll be high all day, if you smoke it all at once youll be higher when you smoke than later in the day. Any help?
  3. Maybe you should tone it down on the hash, and start smoking a little more of weed instead. Cuz hash is good and all, but it really fucks with your health. Wanna live a long life? Smoke more weed, and less hash. But still smoke hash, just not nearly as much as you are now. Thats my advice.

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