Hey guys, apartment inspection tommorow.. help?

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  1. What's good GC?

    As many of you know apartments go under management "inspection" every so often.
    If you've rented an apartment you know sometimes it is just to scare you into picking
    up your place and making it look right because no one has the man power to view every
    residence at one time. But to be on the safe side, I don't want my closet lit up like a
    bon fire tommorow so I will be keeping the plants in well, a lot of darkness.
    I guess what I'm getting at is would it stress the plants if say tonight I extended the dark cycle due to the chance my apartment might get a brief look around?
    My light cycle is 5am to 5pm, the inspection part should be over at 2-5pm. so what I'm looking is 18 to 24 hours of darkness.
    Anyone have any input? One plant is in flower right now. :D
  2. I kind of need an answer, in 20 minutes i'll be doing it.
  3. I don't think it's a very good idea to keep them in the dark, just add a couple CFLs so it keeps the light period but doesn't look suspicious with how bright it is.
  4. I've got no choice!
    Does anyone know of what could happen if anything?
    Should I be fine ?

    who has had this happen before?
  5. I don't know what to tell you man. I've been going through the same thing at my place.
    My plants are in my closet and I made it near impossible for them to come in, and I'll be home when they check.
    Since I'm staying in my room they don't really need to inspect my room so I'm sure
    I'll be cool.

  6. Have no choice? Why? You should keep the photo-period going on schedule with a single CFL light, how hard is that? It will look like the closet light was left on. Lock the door, take the doorknob off the bathroom and put it on the closet to add a lock. Just keep a cfl light going, that's what needs to be done.

    If you have no choice you shouldn't have asked for advice, please tell me I'm not wasting my time here trying to help someone who can't be helped?
  7. i got a question. do they inspect the whole apartment or just take a peek inside?
  8. You can tell them to fuck off if they start going through your wardrobes. Thats your own personal stuff. They can't touch anything at all. Just look !!!
  9. In my experience, inspections were used to check if carpet needed to be replaced or walls needed to be painted... things that the company would charge you for when your lease is up. I highly doubt anyone would go into a closet. I would be try to be home for the inspection and maybe even in your room pretending to sleep :)
  10. leaving them in extended darkness is fine. They just wont photosynthesize. Its light DURING darkness that fucks them up, or light dark light dark over short periods. Extra dark is just extra "flowering time" i.e. the plants will still grow using what they saved up during the day, and flower "extra" since longer periods of darkness is what triggers flowering to begin with. Same reason you can grow using 8 hour of light and 16 hours of darkness. You could do 12/36 if you wanted to, they just wouldnt get very big, but they would also flower very very fast, just probably half the yield and possibly height. hours of LIGHT is what the plant uses to judge seasons.. not hours of dark. which is why 24/0 works to veg.
  11. They wiil, if thewy do it how I did it, chech the plumbing fixtures, maybe replace all the sink washer, do a visual of the carpet, and ask you if there are any problems. If you have this in a closet and you're flowering, there should be no light leak. Probaby cords tho huh? If not, don't fret to much, unless the closet contains a waterheater, the probably won't give it a thought.

    Good luck
  12. Do you live in college housing or something? I've lived in several apartments, and none have ever been "inspected" on general principle. Legally, a landlord cannot search an apartment with no reason. If it's a maintenance issue, they should be able to tell you exactly what they're inspecting, and they have to give you notice (which apparently they did, but didn't say why?).

    Remember, you have the right to say "NO" if they want to look places you don't want them to. Be firm. There's a lot at stake... In fact, I'm surprised you're more worried about your flowering cycle than you are about whether your landlord might look in your closet if there's a light on.

    Insist that you be there when they inspect. Have a friend over for confidence. Ask upfront (casually) what they're inspecting, and casually/jokingly drop that your room is off-limits. If they're checking something specific, like windows, let them in your room and "hover" until they get the hint they should leave.

    I agree with the previous poster, lock your closet somehow. Put a love seat or chair in front of the door. "That's just storage..." Enough said. Closets don't need "inspections".

    Just remember, it is NOT an option for them to look in the closet, no matter what.

    (After they leave, consider buying a house instead of renting. I bought a house when I was 23, and I actually paid LESS monthly for my house than I did renting. No landlord, no worries. It's not as complicated as you think... I live in a mid-sized Midwestern city, and I got a great little house for less money than some luxury cars cost.)
  13. I realize this reply is a day late, but I wouldn't worry about leaving your garden in the dark for a day. I had to pull my plant inside for three days while I had some sewer work done out back. The leaves got a little bit pale and droopy, but they perked right up once they got back outside. MJ is a pretty tough plant.
  14. Thanks for all of the replys guys i just didnt want any hermies!
    This really gave me some insight, nah I dont live in college housing
    I live in apartments in a college town.
    As for Mr. Goodstuff ;) I'll be in your dorm later girl, just like last night.
  15. in OZ landlords are entitled to 3 or 6 monthly inspections by law...a real bitch!! wish we could change that law..ive always thought it a violation of my freedom...its my house cause i pay the rent...so just fuck off and leave me alone!! bloody landlords!!......:smoking:
  16. Which is why I suggested you keep the photo period, but you just wanted re-assurance that keeping them in darkness will be OK. I'm not to entirely sure about that, which is why I came on this thread and gave my advice.

    I'm sorry that it isn't what you wanted to hear, I'm just trying to give. Unlike you, who are only on this thread to take. So please, have some respect.
  17. Yeeah around here they only do it like once or twice a year.
    Well guys I moved my plants back and got my grow room setup again so it's looking good.
    I found 1 male in the process of 24 hour darkness but noticed my females had perked up hairyness quite a bit, I put them under the light at 5am it's now 12:50pm and they've grown
    since i saw them at 5. All is well on this side.
  18. glad to hear everything worked out bro!!!!
    (except for the male =/)

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