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    I'm not going to lie...I've never even thought about looking for a smokers forum...I wasn't surprised there is one, I just never thought to look..lol...make a long story short, when I lost my job last year, I made a choice to go back to school..YEAH sounds great, until I realize I don't make enough money to buy smoke now...a good friend of mine is just sick and tired of paying of something that can grow. So my friend who has the means ($) , has the perfect place, but doesn't want to go through all the trouble of growing. They made me a offer I couldn't refuse,,,they'll pay for everything, if I do the growing and tend to the plats. We'd split the ever harvest right done the middle...lol.... see, how could I refuse that...lol...so I start researching lights and such. Thats how I happened to find this place...and I must say so far this place has the best advise I've seen and has some great links for light, grow tents (which I've never seen, but I'm about to..lol..) I found everything I was still missing in these great links..lol,,,so yeah I was impressed...see what we can do when we get our eye levels lowered...lol..

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