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  1. I am getting the weed star glass puncher from GC and i was wondering what would be the best precooler or attachments that arent too expensive and will really help the smoke intake of the bong. ANY help is apreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. check out carbon filters my brutha
  3. Gotta go with the carbon filter and a carb stoper becuase some WS bongs have a carb
  4. Okay carbon filter looks good the weed star puncher has a 3 part system so I'm good I think without the carb stopper right?
  5. Yeah, most WS bongs have 3 part system and a carb but thats what you got thumbs for, and i forgot to add. If you get a carbon filter you will need activated carbon, BUT... grasscity doesnt sell it so you will have to go to EDIT for it

  6. could always just get one of the GC store and get your activated carbon from an aquarium/ fish store.
  7. How does carbon filter work?

  8. It literally just pulls the smoke past carbon before it enters the bong or A/C if you have one. Keeps ash out of the tube, and can collect some of the particulate matter in the smoke. You have to wash the carbon before use, and change it whenever it gets dirty, but the stuff is very inexpensive. Every easy to use, but it wont make a huge difference in the smoothness of the hit. If you want that I recommend an A/C, or getting both. The carbon filters are more to keep things clean than to filter, though they will filter some.

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