Hey Grasscity

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. How have ya'll been?
    Been away for a few weeks, but im back:)

  2. you been takin a t break?? Im startin one tonight. Hows it been for you??

    :bongin: if not...whats goin on where you been??
  3. No tolerance break, I quit smoking weed.
    Been trying to find a job lately, had an interview today, I really need money since im in college, I got parties to go to every weekend.
    Its ridiculous when I meet a girl and just about to ask her to dinner or something, then I rethink about how im broke.

  4. Your Back Brotha!
  5. where was the interview
  6. Tim Hortons:mad:
    I worked there in my old town, its been a month of putting out resumes everyday and I finally said fuck it and applied at Tim Hortons. They arranged an interview for me right on the spot, and said they would call early next week.
    Its downright depressing not having any money.


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