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  1. All four of these plants were germinated on August 25th 2014, making them 6 weeks and 5 days old.
    They are growing under a 600 watt HPS light in fox farms ocean grow soil. 
    I am using Fox Farms nutrients on this grow.
    Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Cropical Fruit Auto
    Blueberry Kush Auto
    20141011_173645 (1).jpg
    Frisian Dew Auto
    20141011_173657 (1).jpg
    Lemon Haze Auto
    The family

  2. Wow, six weeks. Nice!
    Thanks, they're autos but still think they're doing nice for 6 weeks.
  4. Lookin good bud! :D
  5. I germed a few auto seeds hoping for a quick harvest before the winter holidays, and your grow gives me hope that they might finish in time. Do you think such fast maturing autos need such large buckets or would you use smaller pots next time round?
  6. These are only 2 gallon pots, I think they are just the right size.
    I use 5 gallon pots for my regular grows.

    One question I have, is that much yellowing normal at this stage?
    It seems like everyday I have to pull leaves off the plant because they are dead or very close to dead.
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    Thanks man, you probably don't remember but you have helped me a ton since I have started growing years ago.
  8. Brother i dont remeber two days ago lol

    But if soething i said or did helped then im happy to hear it!

    Glad to see you rockin along, you got a green thumb!
  9. You're gonna have a nice little harvest there :)
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys!!
  11. Anybody have any thoughts on the rapid yellowing?
  12. my autos had the same problem. Started as soon as they started flowering and continued until harvest where almost all of the fan leaves had yellowed and died. I think it could have been due to lack of potassium or phospherous but I could be totally wrong. From my understanding ffof has plenty of nitrogen so the nutes I used last time have my plants to much nitrogen and not enough of everything else.This grow im going to be using tiger bloom instead of General organics nutes. Hoping it will help

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  13. Quick question for you guys.
    I am using Fox Farms nutrients but am not sure how much to feed them because I can't follow the regular schedule because they are autos.
    What would you guys do in this situation?
    I have been feeding them 3tsp Big Bloom, 2tsp tiger bloom and 2tsp grow big.
    What do you guys think?
    Thanks bros

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