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Discussion in 'General' started by stanbull, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Actually, the truth is I don't because if your under 18 your not alllowed to register. However you guys FUCKED UP and made a 16 year old a mod and now anyone that knows is being banned to deal with the issue instead of just banning burntwaffle.

    If thats how you want to play I honestly don't wanna be here anymore even though I love this place, if the mods arent going to stick by the rules they enforce all day I don't wanna anypart of this.

    Later GC
  2. this is great.

    is it a conspiracy? everyone against you?
  3. Later, dood.
  4. Who cares, and why would you even post that stupid shit?

    And I talk to mother fucking Burntwaffle all the goddamn time and hes NOT underage.

    Get the fuck over it you stupid loser, you have nothing better to do with your life than come onto this forum and piss and moan over something that you are not going to change.

    Dude, get a life. Seriously.
  5. Boosh don't be an IDIOT, people have saved NUMOROUS conversations of him admitting hes underage goo look at that *****s facebook hes 16

  6. I have and I see dudes myspace. AND, Ive talked to the dude. I know hes not underage.
  7. OKay, do yourself a favor ask anyone thats been banned in the past 4 days

    why woudl they ban me for saying hes underage then?

    check your facts homie

    its not even that i have a prob with waffle i liked him its just hes underage and when members found out, we all got banned just for knowing
  8. i sense revolution...
  9. [​IMG]

    Peace dude.
  10. members are getting banned for reporting burntwaffle, for being underage
  11. how do you know he's 16?
  12. Yea, show proof, unless he screwed up and had it on his facebook which has now been deleted. I saw the first thread, and if that was him, he was underage for sure.
  13. he added a couple members on facebook and ask around its ALWAYS been suspected but once a few people started talking to him on AIM he got comfortable and admitted to being underage.
  14. Any other blade that makes a thread or reference to this trumped up BS controversy is going to be banned, period. All this is doing is enflaming the boards with negative energy we don't need. Any other questions or comments please direct via PM to RMJL or another Mod.

  15. I would also like to mention that these members were not banned for having brought this to our attention, but for trying to start trouble, and for continuing to try to make trouble without being able to substantiate their claims.

    I'm glad most of you are smarter than to believe someone who is acting in such an immature manner.

  16. I normally don't leave shit like this in the forums but for this, I will. I can assure you, due to possible legal issues, that Burnttwaffle is of age.

    Any other member that posts anything else about this issue will be permanently banned for trying to stir shit up at the City. If you're willing to post this crap in the open forums, rather than come to me, then you don't give a rat's ass about this place anyway and aren't welcome here.

    All bans that have recently occurred are justified and need not be questioned.
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