Hey grasscity come here!

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. There's a thunderstorm going on here, and i just ran The Snail oh her first run, she worked great and its so lovely over here. :p
  2. i love smoking to the sounds of thunder
  3. Wow, everything is so very very nice I'm so glad I smoked it was so worth it. :p
  4. It's thunderstorming here too, and I'm on the opposite side of America

  5. thunderstorm coming???
    oh, so terrible
  6. I too am from Sac and I watched this thunderstorm with my friends for like 2 straight hours. We just sat on his roof and OOed and Awed the whole time. It was absolutely mesmerizing.

    To all you guys on the East side of the Mississippi who are used to thunderstorms, we get lightning once a year at best and lightning storms once every decade or so. This is super awesome cooltacular shit for us.
  7. Wow it's a miracle.:rolleyes:

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