Hey GC need help on identifying these pills before I potentially take em

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  1. Alright so my sister got her wisdom teeth pulled and the doc gave her these pills but shes planning on throwing them away so heres what they say on them exactly (I really dont know jack about pills)

    alright there are to containers

    first one
    - 28 amoxicillin 250 MG capsule

    second one
    -12 oxycodone W/APAP 5/325 TAB

    alright thats it, let me know what you know about these, I dont wanna mess around and heath ledger myself

  2. Amoxicillin is... an antibiotic...

    Oxycodone is... painkillers.
  3. She needs to take all the antibiotics, if she was told to.

    The oxys have recreational potential.
  4. Take 3 of the oxys and call me in the morning and throw away the other.
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    you could have some fun/make some money with the oxycodone i think.

    Its the slightly less potent form of oxycontin if i have my facts straight.

    If you know the name of the drugs, you should look them up elsewhere though.....we're not exactly the best source of knowledge on drugs on the internet

    but this is- erowoid
  6. The amox fights bacteria. You dont just throw away your medicine. If she doesnt take it and it winds up getting infected its gonna be more pain and money

    The oxy like everyone says is good. Its like a vicoden which im sure you've heard of but its way stronger.

    You can take the oxy but make sure she takes the amoxy
  7. Mmmm Percocet is the oxycodone. Love em, love em, love em.
  8. yea she should take em but she refuses too, she fears swallowing pills, thinks she's gonna choke:rolleyes:

    anyway, how many of the oxycodine should I pop to feel like that little kid after the dentist?

  9. Two will do you fine. One will do you fine, but you build up a tolerance after 2 weeks or so, so you might find yourself taking more. But be CAREFUL, trust me, I had them on halloween - thx giving for my wisdom teeth, they are very addicting. And the withdrawls blow ass. But if you take it once or twice, you won't feel the need for them anymore - well... maybe. I duno.
  10. haha that little kid was fucking awesome

    Id take 3 the first time. Maybe 4 but 3 would be good still
  11. wtf Im hearing 1 , 2, 3, even 4? I never took these before so let me know 4real
  12. take them all
  13. The doc says 1. So if your worried about doing too much then just do 2. 1 more then what the doc recommends would never hurt.

    Im saying I personally would wanna do 3 maybe 4. The only thing id be worried about is the acetomenophin but even with 4 its still low enough to be no issue.

    Just do what you feel comfortable with in the range of 2-3.

  14. lmao :smoking:

  15. Dude you'll want to prolong them as long as you can. Trust me 2 will knock you off your ass the first few times. Don't waste them by over using and possibly setting the bar too high right away, so you need more each time. Start with two and you'll feel AMAZING.
  16. she really needs an antibiotic. if she refuses to do the pills then the doctor will provide an alternative. the hoes in her mouth are very open to infection.

    the oxycodone is low dose. but since you dont have a tolerance I wouldnt exceed three. and be sure to eat before taking them. otherwise you'll be high and sick as fuck.

    ive got a constant supply of these. about 120 7.5mg and 5 of the 10mg in my possession. smoke some weed with these man. it'll get you feelin real nice.:smoking:

  17. Paypal+Fedex = Plz? :p
  18. Take 2 if youve never popped before if you have take 3 and youll be nice for a couple hours lol. Pill highs dont really do me... not a big fan

  19. Im not much for benzos but I got a soft spot in my heart for opiates :smoking:
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    Make sure she get's those anit-biotics down her stomach, it's either get infected and be in TONS and TONS of pain and more money, or just the pills.

    Take exactly 3 for your frist time, you'll have a fine time.
    That's 15mg of the Oxy and 975mg of ace.
    Never exceed 4000mg!

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