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Hey GC...I'm having one of those days...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeidreH, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hey GC,
    How are you all today? I've been contemplating a lot of things today on this very dreary sunday. Have you ever had one of those "coming of age" moments. I feel like all day I've been slapped in the face with reality. You know, when you're young and you look at your parents and you think they have it all figured out, they they are content and complete in their current life. Well, I'm 21 and as they're going through a nasty divorce, I've realized that adults don't know as much as we thought they did. Now that I'm an adult, I've learned to treat all others with respect if they deserve it. If only I could have figured this out before.
  2. I had this junior/senior year of high school. You start to realize that adults can fuck up just as much as kids and they really don't have much of a grasp on life. It's scary, but relieving in a way.
  3. no expert but 21 is a fine age to....flourish...just keep the mental horizon bias-free and an incredible journey awaits you...
  4. yea ive seen a few of those days. they started when i was 16-17ish i feel ya. hope tomorrow is better for you :)
  5. Yeah, they usually start around junior / senior year of highschool (16-18yrs)

    Im a senior atm, and ive constantly been having those "What the fuck will i do with my life" thoughts. I always think about how I have nothing i seem to like yet (career/job wise). Hate english, math, sciences, religions. But then i realize i have my whole life ahead of me and it really isnt as important as our society makes it (with my friend marijuana :D) and i just do my work for my courses and not worry about the future. haha
  6. I'm starting to realize that this year. I'm a Junior in hs and my parents make mistakes just like I do, but for them it's okay, whereas for me it is like the sky is falling and aliens are taking over the world....
  7. I try to maintain respect for everybody until they do something to not deserve my respect. It's kind of misguided to require somebody to do something you think is memorable or whatever just to respect them. IDK if thats what you do but thats just the image I got
  8. Well, I honestly should have been going through this when I was a senior in highschool and not now. I feel like it's a weird age to happen to somebody. 21 is just an awkward adult age...
  9. thats a given, but still imo its an awesome age to get your mental shit together dude...*passes the j* :smoke:
  10. I think about life... a lot. I just turned 19 like 2 weeks ago.
    No one can explain what I think about. My views on life and other things are unexplainable - the only way you can see my point of views on things is if you had my brain for 10 seconds.

    I remember watching this science channel on the moon and how it's being pulled away. It showed a huge moon (depicting that around 500-1000 years ago, the moon was rather close to our night sky) which is being pulled about an inch every year. It showed how big it was, and I was stoned as hell watching this. It was a psychedelic experience for me.

    I viewed this as depressing... like how the moon and everything is just "THERE." Somehow, COINCIDENTALLY, something hit something just at the right speed and RIGHT timing and the moon did not crash into earth. Just how COINCIDENTALLY all of the planets and shit in our solar system are perfect sized and perfectly distanced from one another and gravitational pull is just at the right pace.

    I'm a hardcore atheist, but this made me think that something is beyond human. (NOT A GOD) Something planned this shit and it made me depressed as fuck. It also made me view life as sacred and one thing can set a chain reaction of evil off.

    I'm rambling, but still. It also made me think that people buy into that religion bullshit thinking that "god" created everything and blah blah. It's sad because hardcore christians wasted their lives believing in a god.

    I was also high "knowing" this. There is no god. I cannot prove it, but I just know it.

    I want to relive this depressing experience again, it really made me think about things. Though it sounds shitty, it was a good feeling.

  11. Lmao, i guess i have no religion either, i just believe there is something greater than us.

    If you think about it, there HAS to be like wtf. You said it made you think that something is beyond human, that something is what you can most likely call "God" or whatever

  12. Nah definitely not a god. I never EVER bought into religion, I was raised catholic but for some reason I never believed and just was like "Bullshit."

    Nah but there has to be some energy matter or some crazy shit.

    OHH! I just remembered! This is why I got real depressed -- We will never find the answer to how the world works. never ever ever. If we do, we'd be dead before we do. (Makes no sense right there, but it has a point, meaning that the world will end by then)

    We will NOT find any answers to why anything occurs in the universe.
    I do DEFINITELY believe that there are other galaxies out there with living beings like us. We're in the Milky-Way-galaxy. There are TONS more... and we will never ever EVER see them.
    That made me depressed as fuck.
  13. how chill would it be to find a different planet with humans, and they live so much differently then us. Then we share shit with each other and smoke some weeeed :smoke: haha imagine.

    But honestly your saying "DEFINITELY NOT A GOD". Remember "God" is just the human interpretation of a great being / existence... "some energy matter or some crazy shit" can be "God". Get what im trying to say? You cant just say DEFINITELY NOT A GOD.

    We will either just die, or something will happen after the death and we might find out all the things we wondered about in our lives :)

    Just like thinking of psychedelic drugs and that shit, makes me think there is something after death. Where people just trip out, they are totally in a different world. I dont know man.. shits deep :smoke:
  14. Something greater than us= THE GOVERNMENT :rolleyes:

    But yeah I had this happen to me too, since my junior year of high school (senior now)

  15. Everyday.
  16. Glad I'm not alone in this big depressing world. There's a song I really enjoy by Brand New. The lyrics go like this...

    We live in a jar and think the lid's the sky.
    Your hoping for a savior on your cross outside.
    Stars are just a million little fireflies.
    The sun is just a hole; it's the light outside

    ...It truly makes me question EVERYTHING...
  17. FUCKKKKK YESSS!!!!! i just turned 21 last week...ive alwaysss couldnt wait to be grown like everybody else...but I really really really really REALLY wishhh i could go back in time...just like everyone else!!

    this is ALLLLLL ive been thinking about for about 6 months now..but i havent had anybody to talk to about it...well...anyone i wanted to talk to about it... cuz i figure its "depressing" momz says im depressed too but...she doesnt knww the half of it... :bong !

  18. What song is that? I could figure it out... but I just kinda don't feel like it.
  19. only 15 years old, but still have horrrrible anxiety about my future. i feel like i'm growing up too fast and that someday i'll look back on my childhood and miss it horribly. then i light up a joint and just free my mind.

    shit i love sundays

  20. rofl^

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