Hey GC, from MI

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  1. Hey there everyone. Ive been smoking for only 9 months or so now. I love it. Im kind of addicted to making shit to smoke with. working on making a vap right now. Just wanted to say hi and see if there were anyone else on these forum thats in the SW mich area.
  2. welcome...
  3. hey there, glad to see another one from michigan... as boring as this state is.
  4. I've been to kalamazoo a few times. Welcome.

    I'm moving to big rapids soon.
  5. Welcome to GC bro
  6. welcome to the city!
  7. Welcome to the city Fellow Michiganer. I'm from Rochester Hills. Land of the Canadian Dank ;)
  8. Yaaa im from the SW Mich too some fucking crazy weather HUH?
  9. Hey, Welcome to the City you troll... ahem... fellow Michigander. lol
    It's a great community and you can definitely learn alot here. Have fun and keep toking!

    And for those who didn't get the troll joke:
    A troll is someone who lives south or 'underneath' the Mackinac Bridge :D
    Yooper for life. lol
  10. I'm from the murder mitten (l.p.), I live in hockeytown (detroit).

  11. this weather fucking blows..... im ready for this up and down humidity shit....

  12. i want to make my way over there and score some good shit....kalamazoo blows for selection and i have yet to find anything local that i really enjoy, ive been getting my good shit from a guy up in east lansing.
  13. woohoo go mi. im from bay area
  14. im origanally from the flint area.....spent a good many days up in the bay area....and alot down in clarkston and dearborn
  15. Michigander's unite! Im in GR
  16. wtf, i never woulda thought there would be other people from rochester hills on here hahaha
  17. Yo whats up? Welcome to GC! :D :bongin:
  18. representing Ann Arbor here

    i've lived in MI all my life, it's a pretty cool state.
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