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hey ganjaphish

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. out of nowhere i remembered your little problem with your bubbler and was wondering if you ever got it to de-clog?
  2. lol... the more i think about it, the more i think i shoulda sent this via PM... LOL
  3. LOL nah man I am still working on that damn thing. everything has dried up in there, i just can't get it out. next step is MORE rubbing alcohol, maybe it really WILL break down the gunk eventually?

  4. maybe boiling it? or did you try that already... i still think letting something highly acidic sit in it until the gunk disolves will help some...

    good luck :D
  5. yeah boiling it did NO good at all, and actually leaved this gross film of mucousy resin inside the entirety of the bubble.

    i am definitely trying rubbing alcohol and then, maybe lemon juice? ;)
  6. lol... you got one stubborn ass clog... i'd say if all else fails use some Drain-O or something of the like... it'll get rid of the clog, but you'll have to make sure you rinse it out really well afterwards.

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