Hey Fuck You

Discussion in 'General' started by L-Do.Tx, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Fuck everyone on here posting about quitting smoking, if you want to quit , quit and keep it to yourself.I'v already seen like four fucking posts about the same shit!
  2. I'll just go right ahead and say it. U mad bro?
  3. I'm starting a T break tonight

    *off to make a thread about it*
  4. Someone could use some tissue...Hint, hint.:cool:
  5. actually no, im happy, and high, i just got on and started seeing all these threads and tripped out....im cool now.
  6. and not at t-breaks, im mad at the posts trying to convince you to quit...like how good life would be,and how good you will sleep, etc. ,etc...i just opened a couple right now and got pissed.
  7. lol man I can't agree more, but.. If someone wants to make a thread about quitting, who honestly gives a fuck. All I do on this forum is cruise New Posts and I dont click on something I dont wanna read about.. It eases a lot of stress and anger from reading repetative and retarded shit. Ya dig?
  8. well yeah but sometimes the title sounds badass and its shit...thats what gets me pissed..but whatever im just high.

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