Hey from utah!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by whitepride, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I enjoy the outdoors and I love cannabis. Recently got outta the Army and lovin life. I like meeting new people who love cannabis as much as I do. If ur in northern Utah hit me up.
  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:
  3. Whats up man? I'm down in Sandy. Where you at?
  4. Good old Roy.
  5. Roy?!? That is far! Far from Sandy at least. You ever make it to Salt Lake?
  6. Actually its less than an hour from here. I don't really go to SLC everybody I know is local to the Ogden area. Sometimes ill go out that way for a date night with the wife or for a hookup though. U ever find urself in my neck of the woods?
  7. I do actually. I have relatives and a few friends that live up in that area. I kinda forgot that roy was by ogden. lol
  8. Lol yep right next to Roy. I'm a full-time student so I don't do much besides smoke all day so if ur gonna be in town hit me up and well blaze. Send me private message and well go from there dude.
  9. Sweet dude! Totally should do that. Maybe get some other people from around here in on this. Where you going to school?
  10. Hell ya everybody on here in our area should get together. I think some people r too paranoid to do that though. That would be the shit dude! I smoke alone or w/ the wife cause none of my family or friends smoke, my buddies r cool with it but they just drink. We could all meet at my property in bear lake and not worry bout 5-0 lol I'm all excited now haha

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