Hey from UK!

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  1. yo, been looking at this site for a while now, just decided to sign up, been toking bud for a year or two. Just wondering any other UK tokers about?

    Peace! :smoke:
  2. Hey man, welcome :smoke:
    From south wales, there are plenty of tokers from the Uk here. And every other country actually.
    Smoke on. One Love.
  3. hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Big welcome to grass city man

    Always good to see new uk members, enjoy your stay chiefm


  5. I'm from London! There are loads of Brits here, the Americans outnumber the Europeans but not by much! Keep high :smoke:
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    Welcome to the city mate.

    You a United or City fan OP?
  7. City man, yourself?

    Thanks for the warm welcome tooo! <3 :smoke:
  8. United, my dad was born and raised in Manchester so, being a Londoner, I have a decent excuse...

    Hoping tomorrow's Community Shield is gonna be a good game, really excited to watch Aguero for you lot!
  9. Well it was a good game, we threw it away second half, completely lost focus and failed to set up correctly :mad:
  10. lol De Gea is shit

  11. That would be me, and i'm one of many!

    Welcome to GC, enjoy!


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