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  1. Howzit everyone? I'm a surf bum on the Central Coast of California. I've lived almost half of my life on Oahu and enjoyed fine smoke and great waves. Grew up in the mean neighborhood of Pupukea ;). ʻEhukai, chun's, jocko's, sunset and rockpile were my haunts.The water here in CA is much, much colder but it's the water I was raised on before moving to HI as a kid. It just took some time getting used to a 3/2 and 4/3. We've also got plenty of slabs and reef breaks here to get bus'up! I've always been in, on or near the ocean for all of my life and can't imagine a life of dry dock. I also ride a gixxer and have been a fan of the San Jose Sharks since their inception in '91 (what can I say, I like disappointment). I'll try not to drop too much pidge in my posts, but bear with me when I get excited.

    I come to learn and to hang with many like-minded folks. I must say that the past few days that I've lurked the forums, I've laughed my ass off. Here's to much fun and many flames

  2. Yee for SLO county ha and Sharks WILL make it to the cup, it's their year to break the curse! :D Welcome to the city!
  3. Haha, I should have known the 805 would be represented here! Nice to see another SJS fan in SLO county. We live in a sea of Anaheim Ducks bandwagoners. Thanks for the warm welcome Kevin :wave:

    Looking at your title, there's plenty of fog here in LO...well most of the time.
  4. Ha im north county, no fog up here...it just gets hot as hell and windy, but today has been kinda miserable. But ya i'm from norcal, i can't stand the ducks.

  5. LO-you live in Los Osos?

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