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  1. Hey GC, just moved to Pittsburgh in September for school. Not too bad here, hella lonely though. Anyway, glad to be on the GC forums. Seems like a pretty awesome place already, and I've barely been here for a day. :)
  2. UH OH ITS A FREE THINKER!!! have this man executed!!! lol jk Welcome to grasscity, Kroniq7! I think you'll find this place awesome!
  3. Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
    black and yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
    black and yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Haha, I know man, no one's allowed to think in this country anymore. Everyone just watches the news and buys everything they say, and they listen to the gov't and all that. It's crazy dude. It's like "hey, think for yourself." Oh well. And, it's already pretty awesome. :D Glad to be here.

    Haha, someone's got some Steelers pride I think? :p
    I'm not a football fan, so I don't pay much attention, but a LOT of people were excited over this past game, lol.
  6. Any Pittsburgh Blades that would wanna get together for some softball or volleyball games in the spring? I was going to join one of the teams advertising on craigslist, but the players are too competitive and hardcore. Blades need a more recreational-style game :cool:

  7. I'm horrible at sports, otherwise I'd totally be down.
  8. Softball and volleyball I am not so good at. Kickball anyone? Haha

    I wish I had the time, I'm running around so much these days with my internship
  9. Exactly my point, I've gotten really out of shape over the past couple years, so it need not be hardcore gaming.

    Kickball is even better! Or maybe just a monthly B-B-Q & games get-together.

    if you're in Pgh and are interested, send me a PM with your e-mail address and and I'll send out some mass e-mails when we get enough people.
  10. Dude, let's get this happening, I hate to try to ressurrect a thread from long ago... but let's try!
  11. I'd love to see something actually happen with this. It would be great to actually smoke/chill with people from GC!!! Anyone have 4/20 plans? Cuz I requested the day off work (it's a holiday, damnit!!!!), but have no one to chill with.
  12. I don't have plans! Let's figure something out, I do have to work until 5 or 6 though, but afterwards I'm down!
  13. i also have the day off, by request haha are you guys in the main city or from around? Im in Lawrenceville and dont have much transport but ill just smoke and fly, be there in no time
  14. Shadyside here; I work downtown but I'll be home around sixish, if anyone was possibly interested in meeting up.
  15. ay my first post.. couldnt be better 412 is all in! ha. southside. beltzhoover native tooker lol. hit me

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