Hey from Philly <3

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  1. I've been lurking forever but figured I'd finally sign up:hello:

    I'm a Culinary student from just outside Philly, PA. When I'm not working, studying or cooking (who am I kidding, I'm always cooking...), I loooove movies and video games, and doing a whole lotta nothing.

    So happy to be here! <3

  2. welcome to GC. im new myself :)
    ur friends must love u if u cook for them when u guys get high :smoke:
    respectively, they must hate u if u dont :p
    anyways have fun here!
  3. Welcome. I'm from the Philly area, too. Where abouts you at?
  4. hahaha yes, they are always asking me to cook. high or not. I'm happy to though, it's definitely my passion...especially baking, in both senses of the word (i make great cookies!)

    cotton, I'm in westtown, west of philly but east of west chester.:confused: I'm in the city fairly often, if i could afford it i'd be living on south street <3
  5. Nice... I know where that is. I used to party out in W. Philly, before they shut down our venue.

    I'm up in Levittown, in extreme SE Buck's County. I live right in between NE Philly & Trenton, NJ. I grew up in/around Philly... Used to live in NE when I was younger.

    South St. is fun... Expensive as fuck, though.

    I like baking, too... I make a mean Sweet Potato Pie.
  6. sweet potato pie rocks. and yeah south st is so insanely expensive, plus if I lived there I'd weight like 900 lbs, since I'd be eating Jim's 24/7, no joke. was just there yesterday getting my whiz wit + peppers. om nom nommmmm :D

    I know where levittown is, but i've never been. sorry to hear you're so close to jersey ;)

    so plur... are you a raver? ex-raver? do "raves" even exist anymore? I was huuuuge into the Toronto/upstate NY party scene when I lived up there (97-03), but I've only been to two parties since I moved down here. people here are...different. idk, I see a lot more tina use and scary shit down here than i ever did up there. not that it wasn't up there at all, it just wasn't as rampant and obvious as down here...so I kind of unwillingly left the party scene. I wouldn't call myself "jaded" by any means, just not into it anymore. i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss it though. :(
    i miss the music more than anything. :( :( :(
  7. Welcome.... Fellow Philly suburbian. i live in Brookhaven not far from West Chester...about 20 min.
  8. Thanks :D
    Brookhaven is really close to me! I'm just on the edge of westtown. You look familiar, ever go drinking out in wc?
  9. Yeah man. Jersey's like 5 minutes away, lol. But so is Philly, if the traffic's not bad. I like the area... Lotta good drugs come through here. :D

    I don't know what "tina" is, so I can't say if there's a lot of it in the party scene here.

    ...And yeah, I hit up mad parties... Well, I try. I've been into the party scene for 2 years (next month). The Philly area has one of the most bumpin party scenes in the country, atm.
  10. hi there, used to live in philly and now am down in the reading area, berks county of PA, nice to see another vanian.
  11. tina = crystal meth = bad news.
    meth is a drug that really, really scares me. i've definitely done my share of pills in my day (and along with that, i've probably have ingested *some* meth, but that's the hazard that comes with doin e, unless you know 100% your pills are pure mdma, there's gonna be other junk in em...), but will never purposely put meth in my body. scary, scary stuff. makes my skin all crawly just thinking about it! blegh!!

    i'd consider getting back into the scene, maybe. idk. my most recent experiences in the philly club scene when i first moved down were pretty disappointing, maybe i was at the wrong places, who knows. :confused: all i know is big scary methguys aren't my cup of tea!

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    Nah... Not a lot of meth in the party scene here. The more popular drugs, atm, are E, LSD, Nitrous, and K.

    Did you hit up a club on Delaware Ave or somethin? Shampoo/Egypt/Flo/Chrome?

    If so, that's probably why you were disappointed.

    I go to the underground parties. Fuck clubs. I'm talkin parties that go all night, and into the next day (til 7-8 in the morning sometimes).

    Check out this site. This is a friend of mine's site, who hits up almost all the parties here, and photographs them:

    Gotcha Bitchez |
    (Go to "Event Photos" in the top menu)

    This was one of the warehouse parties that was fuckin bomb as shit:

    Ravers Only Xmas 12/21/07 - GotchaBitchez.com - Powered by Phanfare

  13. haha, i think it was shampoo! how funny! I went alone to try to meet people and ended up leaving after like 45 minutes, I was so skeezed out.
    well, now I don't feel bad about never going back.:laughing:

    i know the difference between a party and a club ;) probably been to 15+ Hullabaloos and a bajillion raversonly/sin&cos/ parties, they were in upstate ny like woah. like woah!!
    i miss massives so much, BOO, WEMF, etc. The last WEMF I went to was sponsored by Coors light (or some other beer company, idr), and that's when I started to have second thoughts about the "rave" scene and where it was going...though some of the "real" ravers will tell you there hasn't been a "real" rave since like 95. I was like 14 then sooooo i guess I just missed it ;D

    all those pictures of like 16 year olds at those parties make me feel so old (they're still good pictures, regardless)! I mean good for them, I was young when I started too, but damn I feel like such a geezer now!!
    *shakes fist at kids on lawn*

    good to know there's still a scene around here <3 <3
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    Yeah man, all those Delaware Ave clubs suck mad balls. Egypt was alright, 'cause they actually did play electronic music... But nothin underground, so it still sucked for the most part.

    We have a pretty good group, now. Lot of younger kids, but there's also people there who are 60+. Average age is in the low-mid 20's. I'm 26, myself.

    To be honest, this area is probably the only place you will find a "real" rave. Most the ravers I know have been in the scene for 10+ years, and they say that all the people sayin there aren't "real" raves anymore are just jaded. Philly parties got some real good vibes. It's all about the PLUR, here... And meeting new people, making new friends, and rockin the fuck out to some good ass music.

    The parties are legit. If you went to the Ravers Only parties, in NYC... Ours are a bit lower tech, but the vibes/people/music more than make up for it... And we're a bit more underground. Friends, and friends of friends only. No major advertising/sponsoring/etc. The last party had about 1,000 people out... And that's after it was moved, last minute.

    The backroom at God's Basement (RIP):
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gex2L93OT40"]YouTube - God's Backroom[/ame]

    That hotel party, at the Econo Lodge (the pool area, there were 2 more stages in-doors):
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8oazs0tbpM"]YouTube - Lemon Drop Philadelphia July 25th, 2009[/ame]

    A Konkrete Jungle Philadelphia party (I'm on the street team for these guys - they throw some BOMB parties):

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohJ96QPjyj4&feature=related"]YouTube - Jungle Rave I Philadelphia[/ame]
  15. Not too often. i know people from out that way though. what school did u go to?
  16. Hi! Temple student here :cool:
  17. Hello all. Just moved to Philly a couple weeks ago. I'm in Manayunk. I'm in dire need of a connect down here. I got spoiled back home: one of my best friends deals!

    I'm finishing up undergrad at La Salle this semester.
  18. I'm from Bristol.
  19. AI dupont in Delaware.

    Maybe you just have one of those "familiar" faces? :D

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