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  1. Hi all,

    Wish all of you could be here in Oaksterdam and I totally feel for those of you who live in prohibition states. Oakland is definitly a view of the future of the US god permitting. I've seen cops walk into clubs to buy not to bust. It's a beautiful thing!

    Anyways I'm growing for the first time from seeds and everything was going great until this morning when I discovered my plant had grown balls! I presexed it at the top and I thought it was female.... but now I can't tell if it will be hermaphrodite or male. I recently transplanted and changed to a better light so I'm thinking it stressed out and changed but I can't tell for sure. I don't have a guaranteed female yet....... If anyone could help that would be great! I put a post up with more details in the sick or problem plants section so please look if you can help. Thanks!!!!

  2. Hey dude, welcome to the city!

    Hard to tell from that pic man.. sorry.. the female parts will have white hair/thread looking pistils come out and its very obvious when they show. And the male will have lots of clusters of tiny balls.

    Good Luck dude, best wishes for female!! So far 2/6 of mine are female and 1 just got chopped down cuz he had balls.
  3. Welcome!

    The "are these female" is just new growth. I dunno about the "is this male" looks kinda early to me. How far along are u into flower?
  4. I actually didn't start to flower yet although I think it may have started to when i transplanted and switched to HID lights. It still has 24 hour light so i don't know why it would. The top has white pistils but It's unclear if its all over the plant to me since I've never had to sex a plant before.

    Here's some more pictures if it helps and thanks for answering.

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