Hey - from Iowa. :D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BokehBokeh, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I'm Bokeh. I browse here every now and then. :] From Iowa, more specifically, CR. Been smoking for roughly 4 months now. Yep. There's not much to do in Iowa, so I have taken on this new hobby. Just bought a new piece today. :D Looks like a yellow fish.

    Anyone else from IA?
  2. I'm just south of you in IC. Where'd you pick up the piece?
  3. I'm in IC aswell how are the buds up in CR?
  4. 319 in the house lol

    i've found some decent stuff but im gettin killed on prices haha
  5. yeah unfortunatly my best guy is goin back to ISU in a couple weeks
  6. There's a place in the Westdale mall (believe it or not) & they sell some pieces via a local glass blower. They are meh. I just thought the fish was cute. There's also a place called "Puff n stuff" & they sell some pretty legit glass pipes as well.
    CR sucks, like usual.
    I know what you mean. :/

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