Hey from Indian Trail, NC

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  1. Just a young apprentice toker from a small town outside of Charlotte. I've lived here for about 6 years, and been smoking for a year. There aren't a lot of lady stoners around these parts, but I'm one of them. :) Anyone else from NC out there?
  2. Welcome Briannabis. :)

    Have fun and enjoy this city of lights.
  3. I'm moving to Charlotte today! :)
  4. We got some fellow NC ppl. That's what's up. I just found the site today and I'm super stoked. I live in asheville now. Just moved from Pittsburgh,pa. Trying to finish up college. Then I'm humboldt county, cali bound. Been waitin to move there for years. So what's good with ya'll?
  5. welcome to the city im here in winston salem drop by and say high some time
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    Just call me Wolfsea beached in the oh so tolerant Commonwealth of Virginia ...

    What the hell is wrong with these people?
  7. what's up what's up
  8. whatsup im in anson county

  9. whats good dude? i always wanted to move to eureka, ca aka humboldt. Im stuck here tho :(
  10. Welcome to GC. I'm in Raleigh.
  11. I'm in Indian Trail!!

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