hey from Illinois!

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  1. My names Laynie and i'm new, obviously hahaha. :wave:
  2. greetings from a fellow IL toker, GC is a pretty neat place and most everyone is supa chilll :smoke:
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    Welcome, IL tokers represent here. You love it here.:smoke::smoke:

    Edit: WTF you joined in 2009?
  4. To another IL toker, welcome :)
  5. What's up dudette! Any chick that smokes herb is cool by me, hope you like it here in the city
  6. Hey! From Illinois here.

    Illinois NORML group with meetups: Illinois NORML (Chicago, IL) - Meetup.com

    next meet up is College of Complexes: Why do you consume Marijuana. I'm thinking about attending. I've been to two meetups already.

    I guess that's about it.

    Welcome to grasscity...
  7. Sorry to jump in, but I'm also new, and living in IL. Nice to find so many like-minded people :D
    Would be interested to hear from any Chicago/West Suburbs locals!

  8. Anyone who smokes the herb is cool by me!

    Welcome to GC Laynie

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