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  1. Hey I'm new here, started my journal on coco and my collection in stash jar, I'm hoping to improve my grow with the help of you fine people A's well A's share notes, pics And reviews of strains and smoke!
    A bit about me;
    Been to holland on smoke trips 4x so far
    Worked in a hydro shop (over summer)
    Bred my own strain before (nl x great White shark = great White lights)
    Currently have 16 jarred strains of varying curing times (see thread)
    11plants, 8strains, growing in flower, 4 of which are the same strain but had different techniques used (topping, fimming, bending) currently day 21. I have 9clones vegging, including one which I think everyone should see, genetic beast/beauty!? Check the pictures on my grow. In Seedling form, I have another 5 or so varieties with new clones coming next week! Exciting times!

    So that's my shiz in a nutshell! Nice to be here and I hope people enjoy my threads as much as I enjoy others!


    Ps. Today's smoke of choice... Blue cheese!

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