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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Random Hero, May 13, 2004.

  1. Heh, today I rolled a joint and saved the 2 seeds that I removed from my buds. I just kinda threw them under some moist soild next to a small stream, about 20 feet away from it. My friend did the same with some seeds about a month ago, and they were about 5 inches tall when a real heavy rainstorm destroyed them, so I was thinking it might work for me too.

    I'll describe the soil properties and what not, the soild was fairly moist and it had a bunch of rocks in it, not a huge abundance, i cleared all the rocks for abotu 6 inches around each seed, the soild feels kinda gritty like sand, but sticks together like dirt.

    What i'm asking is if anyone knows wether they will sprout under such conditions, if not, no biggie, i was just messing around for the most part, but if they do have potential i'll start taking the process seriously.
  2. it all depends on how much sun it will get, if it gets a lot of sun then it probably will.

  3. take it seriously from the start and youll get much better results. Rather then quarter ass at least half ass it with a backpack full of some potting soil dug into a 1x1x1 hole. Free bud goes a long way and youll thank me in the end. It's much easier then you might think, "just add water" check out my first sig quote \/

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