Hey fellow stoners :)

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  1. I was googling how to clean my bubbler whenever I can across this site I always love an interesting conversation and with all the forums and options I just couldn't say no. Hope to make some new buddies and probably learn a few things to.

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    Rubbing alcohol + Salt is all you need btw...
    And welcome to GC :) I hope you love it here.
  3. I recommend simple green. Its cheap and endlessly reusable.

    And welcome to grasscity!



    Real talk
  4. Welcome to GC :bongin:
    I use the highest % Rubbing alcohol I can find and Kosher Salt. Does the job every time.
  5. Hello and welcome....enjoy your stay.
  6. Welcome to the city. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times; no flash photography. It frightens the trolls.
    For serious, this place is rad. You'll dig it if you can dig it. :smoke:
  7. I'm quite mellow, a white fellow no like jello. I'm like, hello!

    ur picture IS just Kurt cobain lol.


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