Hey everyone!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by shamuel, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Greetings from New Zealand. Hope you're all doing well. Looks like a nice little community here. I'm sure I'll enjoy it here.
  2. Sup bro! Welcome to GC!

    where abouts in NZ you from? I've been here all my life, was bought up in welly, just recently moved to auckland...
  3. Hehehe good to see another kiwi :hello:

    I'm in Aucks too. Damn, what made you move up to Auckland? It's alright up here but it can be too noisy for my likings.
  4. yeah bro there are a few kiwis round here, can't remember any by name though...
    Well there were heaps of reasons. Got a good flat with a mate for quite cheap, needed to get outta welly for a bit, heaps of other reasons I can't be fucked going into haha. Anyway yeah I hear every wednesday and friday at 4.20 at Albert Park there's a smoke up...
  5. Albert Park, I believe to be true. As a student at Uni I walk past them and smell the sweet scent. :smoke:
  6. Oh for real! My bro goes to that Uni. Hey I'll give you a PM bro.
  7. Cheers L Rag! Haha great welcome

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