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Hey everyone ;)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WEEDGODDESS, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. well hey there everyone, i have been trying well trying to grow my own smoke since april for the second time, first plant was a male so that was a waste..but guess what ..i think i got some fems growing...whoppeee.
    can you all tell me if im doing ok, let me say i started out indoors, but then had to put /hide them outside...and boy look what i got and it's the end of aug..isnt that tooooo long???

    theres no smokable bud yet,just some gigantic leaves and some lil white tenticals coming from the heads. can someone tell me what to do next or how much longer do i have to go when it time to do the next step? i am clueless,but not clueless on how to bong it or roll
    nah seriously im not a seasoned grower,just a seasoned smoker just trying to get my own smoke.

    heres some pic of my girls

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  2. might find some better answers if you post your question in the Growing section.

    I'd help, but I don't know much about growing!
  3. oops yikes just noticed i posted in the wrong area,thought i was in the right room for what should i stay here and wait ,will admin put in right dept? some admin do that depending on site.
  4. The white "tentacles" are pistils - it means the plant is female and beginning to flower :) And yeah, wrong section.

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