Hey everyone.

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  1. Hey everyone. Just joined recently. I live in the Great North.

    Going to start a grow soon, going to use an old freezer my mom is going to give me (She used to grow a while back :D ) so, I'm creating an artificial environment for it. I have most my setup ordered,but am still waiting to find the last remaining parts for the right price (mainly co2 setup.) My first grow will be Hydroponic. I ordered 15 Feminized Northern lights. Frorm the Nirvana Shop.

    Some about myself.

    I'm 19.
    Enjoy music, most all music but mainly metal.
    Gun enthusiest (Own 16 guns)( one sniper rifle project starting soon I will probably post..)
    Knife enthusist (all my knives were in my car when it was stolen, but I had 21 now I only have my two KA-BAR's

    I race both car's AND motorcycles.
    (Ima killer when it comes to the drift.)

    Currently trying to get into school to further my education.

    First car, 1975 454 El Camino. Oh lord I love my big block Chevy.
    Oh yeah, car enthusist as well. I want to start getting certifications for that as well.

    Anyways, just figured I would lay some background on myself real quick.

    Any questions just ask. I will surly be doing my fair share soon :)

    Glad to be here.
  2. Awesome. Welcome to the city and good luck on the grow. Keep us updated :smoking:
  3. WHATS REALLY HOOD MY NIQQA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!
  4. Where in the north, 907 i imagine nvm edit*
  5. Welcome from Southern Cali. (760)
  6. Where is "Davesnothereman"? I was going to use that name but it was taken :p

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