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  1. What is up my tokers?!?! :wave:

    Just starting a thread to say aloha and to get some S.A.G.E. wisdom... Sorry I couldn't resist. :D No SAGE growing here but this is a great segue into the upcoming crop:

    Dutch Passion Blueberry
    Cannabis Seeds - 10 seeds DUT9211$69.58

    DNA Genetics Chocolope
    Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix DNA4352$33.38Big

    Buddha Bubble Cheese
    Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix Buddha1$10.97

    Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice
    Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix DELS1232$23.48

    FEMINIZED UFO #1 Humboldt Seed Organisation OG Kush
    FFEMINIZED UFO #2 Humboldt Seed Organisation Pineapple Skunk
    FFEMINIZED UFO #3 Reserva Privada Silver LA

    Now I had a few questions...

    I'd love to germ at least five of the DP BB with hopes to land two solid phenos. With the remaining four spots, what would you grow? (Keeping in mind height, growing methods, etc...) What would mesh well with the blueberry?

    Second, I have a John Malkovich room under the stairs that I'm planning to use. The ceiling slants down but keeping the headroom at least 6' I'm at 43" X 43". Then some extra length with continually lower height. The space is unfinished structure and my main concern is that the entire downstairs is drop ceiling, which connects to the grow space. It would have insane ventilation but would I run a bigger risk of mold/pests this way? Would you just seal the spots that leak into the ceiling area? Keep in mind that it's unfinished and I'm a bit worried that humidity would build up and mold the wood. Or lastly, would you invest in sealing everything or running a tent?

    Also, for bonus points, this grow should end right around outdoor planting season. Which of the seeds above would you save for the sunshine? :smoking:
  2. Also a bit about myself!

    Growing in a legit state w/ card. Second run around, first was Afghani bagseed and DP Durban Poison CFL closet grow. Would love to use techniques to improve yield this time, at least LST and topping.

    Plan to use a 400 or 600w HPS w/ Flouros for veg - All depending on if I go with a tent :) No decisions on soil/nutrients yet. Will prob go all Fox Farm.

    Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and answer the questions!! Happy toking!
  3. Sounds like a plan! Are you going to run a green house during the summer? If you can grow big then now it's a good time to layer the garden beds with humus and soil amendments, give it some time to settle and sow some clovers there. Many g rowers use indoor spots like the one under your stairs to sort through their seeds and choose the best cuts to run in the greenhouse. Thats actually what I would do, the feminized seeds indoors then run the regulars outside, allowing the regular plants to grow to full performance And maybe even find a good male and make more seed.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Totally new to outdoor growing. I live in the forest so the plants will be in a "meadowish" area, no structure. So excited to see what this beautiful plant can do in its natural setting.

    Anyone have input on the grow room setup? :smoking:
  5. Bump! Is this maybe in the wrong forum? Seeds should be here soon and I'd love some advice on choices for simultaneous strain growing and grow room setup w/ drop ceiling. Thanks again everyone!!

    Edit: I'm drunk and can't spell...
  6. Yeah that blueberry should be nice out door, some of those plants can get 9-15 feet tall, lol they're a handful! The regular seeds will be a nice chance to see some pheno variation within a strain, can be great for finding your own keeper pheno, whereas feminized seeds are pre-determined pheno's so they are less interesting from a breeding perspective, but still great for outdoor or indoor depends on how you feel. I'd suggest starting with the feminized seed, try germinating them two at a time and start practicing cuttings. then when you have gained some experience start your regular seed and mess with the males.
  7. I like that plan. The point of Blueberry (for me) is a mellow euphoric stone and TASTE! Outdoor seems perfect for both as I'm not looking to go crazy potent with said strain.

    I'll try to post some pics of the grow room setup as I start vegging. Still a bit concerned about dust from the drop ceiling but I think that's the way it will stay. Smell wont be an issue and the extra ventilation may allow for a 1k hps/mh instead of a 400-600.

    Thanks a ton for your input and for welcoming me to the community so kindly! :wave:
  8. no prob., what kind of deal you have going for soil?

    is your ceiling popcorn stucco? or what kind of dust?

    also have you looked at any dehuey's?
  9. Going to run Roots for soil. Local hydro shop had that and both FF out to dig through. So much perlite in the Roots! Will prob run Fox Farm nutes.

    The drop ceiling is like you'd see in an office building setting. It's foam but you can see that there is a space above it (about two feet) that covers the entire floor. There is a space in the top of my grow room that connects to this open area. I figured if I vented through the whole floor of my house I wouldn't need a dehumidifier and could run a bigger HPS. My concern is the crap that's built up in the ceiling over time messing w/ my flowers.

    The other option is sticking a tent in the grow room or sealing it off and venting into the ceiling space.

  10. Going for the bonus points..........

    Clone them all!!!!
    "Never limit your self." ~ Mixted
  11. How do you know a good phenotype before you grow it out, or do you plan to grow 10 plants in there?
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    I would imagine venting into the floor could be a real bad idea. The humidity with a 5x5 tent and 6-10 plants will be around 70-80 during mid to late bloom and they perspire even more during dark hours, unchecked the humidity could cause some destruction. so i imagine you want to vent it out, or use a dehuey if theres no where to vent out of.

    as far as the ceiling particles dropping on bud, the quantity of particles is probably negligable. if you are going to be strict about quality control you'll tape some plastic over it or something, should solve the issue...

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