Hey everyone...help me shop for a new pipe?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by junkiexl, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hi. New here. Also don't smoke very much due to access.

    Sick of the plastic pipe I have and I'd like to take advantage of the sale here. Can anyone recommend a nice glass pipe? Nice drag and very cool feeling? My asthma will thank you.

    Cost isn't a concern but I want some of the best I can get for the money. Don't wanna get ripped off of course either.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. bong = waterpipe, yes?

    Anywho sorry if I wasn't more clear.

    Is that a good one zairo? That link?
  3. Yes bong is another name for a water pipe.

    A Waterpipe does hit smoother, and the perculators will help with that.

    Its a good starting bong, for a decent price. You could always add on Ash catchers and difusers and stuff like that. I would keep looking for something you really really want.
    You can get some sick pieces for 100$.
  4. Can you link me to those "sick" pieces?

  5. Well i buy my pieces from a local headshop.
    Its a lot cheaper,

    But i've got:

    A sick twisty pipe that comes back together and colour changing: 50$

    3 Foot plastic bong, with Lizard stem: 40$ for both.

    4 Chamber Bubbler: 80$ on sale.

    and my friend has a 12 arm perculator, with some ice catcher difuser thing.
    he spent 115$ on the bong, an 80$ for the difuser.

    That bong is at a good price though, especially online. I would just go with it, its not a bad bong.
  6. Always risky buying through the mail with just a picture.

    You want good thick glass. Only way to know is holding it in your hands and looking at the piece yourself.

    Unless you're buying online from a recognized quality blower better just go to a head shop.
  7. Isn't there a type of glass that is best? Forget the name but it is usually science lab grade. Then glass thickness wouldn't matter as much I'd imagine?

  8. Pretty cool. If you don't reach your goal, would you mind selling the 3d files? I have my own 3d printer.

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