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  1. I´m writing this from somewhere in Scandinavia and I´m kinda new to all this stuff so I´m not so familiar with everything yet... But I´ll get the hang of it! :)

    Anyway, I used to smoke a few years back until I decided to quit, just to take a break, nothing serious about it. (the break stretched out a little bit) I recently moved to a new city here in my home country. After about 3 months or so I met this really chill dude through work and we started to hang out. It turns out that he likes to smoke weed and invited me to smoke with him and his friends and after a few times I remembered why I used to do it. So I started buying my own. But when the price is 20€/g, and a gram here is anywhere from 0.5 - 0.8 g mixed with whatever, it started to piss me off. So I just bought my own setup, gonna start growing in my closet. Never done it by myself before so I´m hoping for the best!! I also ordered some seeds from Nirvana, (5 swiss cheese and 5 master kush), and they should be arriving next week. I´ll be posting pics and such of my growing progress (If I learn how to do it)... It´ll be a few weeks before I get everything I need but I´ll start as soon as I can! PEACE AND LOVE
  2. Welcome to GC....

    Growing sounds like the thing to do in your case.... Nirvana is a good place to shop although there are several more good ones.

  3. Thank you!

    I did a bit of research before I ordered and it seems that Nirvanas shipments have been successful to my country, so I decided to try it out...

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