Hey domino's your sub's aint that great...

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. i personally dont believe dominoe's subs beat subway 2 to 1..

    no,,,,,dominoe's dont have none of the condiments that subway has,,,

    i ordered a dominoe's sub,, and asked for some toppings,, they had none of what i wanted,,,,

    a f-kin sub has toppings,, lettuce,,tomatoe,,onions,,,cheese,,,meat,,,,and all kinds of goodies...

    and when i got the sub,,,,it wasnt all that good,,,,

  2. Hmm, I got the Italian and was in heaven.
  3. Well its not exactly their specialty.
  4. maybe your dominos just plain sucks?
  5. haven't tried the domino's subs yet
    do they put a decent amount of meat on em?
    that was always my biggest problem with subway, so little meat just so they can continue to claim they're healthy
    of course its healthy, there's more lettuce then meat on it

    the best sandwiches are found at private owned delis

  6. [​IMG]i totally agree,,,, i think my dominoe's does suck,,
  7. they definitely give you alot less on it
  8. I'd say my Italian I got had more meat than you'd get at Subway, and was larger overall than a footlong. As far as toppings, the guy put everything I asked for on it (I wanted him to add jalapenos and pizza sauce) along with everything else it had.
  9. Domino's = pre-fabricated everything

    Buy local!! Buy fresh!!
  10. Ordering anything from pizza joints = fail

  11. This one speaks the truth.
  12. Dominoes subs are nasty...They just need to stick to pizzas lol
  13. Both make food not meant for human consumption :hello:
  14. their pizza sucks hard too.. i wonder how shitty pizza huts new tuscani lasagna is.
  15. hahah yea that commercial makes me want dominos alot. What subs do you guys get from them?

    subway is no gourmet meal, but when those munchies kick in they have good meatball subs nd brisket
  16. I worked at subway at one point. Sucks so much ass. there really is nothing to a sub theres only 8 pieces of meat on a subway club foot long. THATS BULL SHIT. Quiznos rocks all sub companys or Firehouse if you have them in your area.
  17. As much as i hated working at Hungy howie's back in the day (long story, pedophile fired everyone to replace us with little girls) i fucking loved their subs. No one beats em, subway or dominos. They were pretty much a calzone sub, made with pizza crust instead of bread. ISSS SO GOOD YES
  18. and this is why i stick to jimmy johns mmmmmmmm love me a gargantuan
  19. subway's veggie max has a vegetarian patty
    quizno's veggie sub has guacamole
    i'm on the fence here
  20. give me a mom and pop sub shop any day over dominoes, subway, quiznoes, ect

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