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Hey does Kmart drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BlackFlaggin, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Hey i have a interview with Kmart tommorrow morning. I need to find out if they drug test and if they do, how soon... Thanks..

    BTW I'm stoned as shit and scared..:smoking:
  2. That's pretty stupid man., You really need to think ahead next time.

    I have no idea if they drug test though. They have to disclose this information so look on the back of the application if you still have it or check the website if they have online applications., As for if they drug test - I wish you luck.,
  3. They said they do.
  4. so what are you gonna do man?
  5. Yes, they do. Better read up on how to pass a DT, and fast. No worries though, I smoked literally the night before my DT and passed without a detox kit, you just have to know what you are doing.
  6. i heard you got to drink a shit load of water or something. what'd you do?
  7. thc sticks to yer fat molecules or wtv so it really depends on how much u or wat percentage yer body fat is......but if u drink a shit load of room temperature water now till yer interview it might dilute yer piss enough to pass it
  8. say you have 30% body fat, how much would you need to drink? (if the test was the next day)
  9. I just spoke to my friend. He is giving me his piss an hour before the interview. He doesnt smoke weed. He's like some Straight Edge hardcore dude. Now i need help on what to do?.. what should i do to get this job? I'm going to be a cashier or the greeter. I'm thinking of wearing dress slacks and a button shirt thats professional but with no tie and the shirt not in my pants. Need help. This is going to be my first full time job.
  10. just chill, what your gonna wear is fine, i mean you'd look stupid wearing a suit for an interview at k mart. anyways, just chill make sure you talk normal, show them you really need the job and remember always have a good handshake.
  11. I made sure that I woke up early so I had plenty of time on my hands to get my urine diluted with water. I drank 8 full cups of water, followed that by 2 full cups of cranberry juice and finished with a shot of vinegar (vinegar isn't really necessary).

    After drinking all those fluids I took some multi vitamin pills with high levels of B12 (gives piss a nice neon yellow color). I also made sure that I had gone to the bathroom at least 5-7 times at my house before leaving for the lab.

    I got to the lab having to take a piss very very badly. As soon as the receptionist gave me the cup I rushed to the bathroom. Once in there I made sure I pissed in the toilet first for a few seconds before finally letting it go into the cup, I filled it up about half way. My piss had a nice light yellow tint to it, but was really just a lot of water.

    ***Some pointers to remember about Drug Tests***

    *You can't flush your system of weed days before your test, doing this is annoying, unhealthy and completely unnecessary because cannabinoids are stored in fat cells and not in your urine.

    *The only reason drinking works the day of the test is because you are pretty much replacing your body's natural urine that has dead fat cells in it (which include cannabinoids) with pure H20, which of course don't have cannabinoids.

    *Make sure that your first piss of the day isn't the one you give for the test, you are guaranteed to fail that way. The one you give for the test should be about your 4th-6th piss of the day.

    *Make sure when you go to piss in the cup that you don't start directly in the cup, the first urine that exits the urinary tracht has the highest amounts of cannabinoid particles.
  12. They do for a fact DT, I use to work for sears, which is owned by the same compant...

    It's a piss test too, not a oral swab or anything.

    And may I ask you, why would you schedule a job interview and not find out that information, then unsure, you smoke before the interview
  13. I think little old Mary Jane mighta had something to do with that..
  14. dude, let us know what happened after you go to the interview.
  15. next day your prob fucked lol and no one can really tell do you know how many factors contribute to it? metabolism and all that shit. not to mention if you drink a lot of water you can get in trouble because your piss will show up as 'diluted' but better then showing up THC positive but yeah..
  16. not like it really matters whether they do, anymore. if they do, you won't get hired. if they don't, maybe you'll get hired.
  17. I work there and I didn't get piss tested. Im pretty sure it's random though.. but none of my friends got piss tested either so you should be ok
  18. Did the OP get drug tested or what?
  19. Mannnnnnn cmon. They gonna drug test you and ur not gonna get the job.
  20. Why would you bring up this thread from 2008? What possessed you to do that?

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