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Hey CannedSpam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Where about's in the volunteer state are you? I'm close to Nashville!
  2. Hello Tennessee friend. Taking I-40, I'm about 2 hours from Nashville--west of Nashville that is. Ever heard of Jackson? Sounds like you're in the central part of the state? It's amazing that so many Tennesseans are on this site.

    Are you keeping up with the battle in Nashville over the income tax debate?
  3. The income tax debate had caused us to shut down our state government. It is so crazy that those idiots couldn't find a way to balance the damn budget. Now, so many people aren't working today because of our "leaders". I can honestly say that today I am not at all proud to be a Tennessean!!!!

    Anyway, CannedSpam, I lived in Jackson for a while-graduated from high school in Bolivar, not far from there.

    Bud Head? Do you live south of Nashville?
  4. Bolivar..yes I know where that is and I've been there a time or two.

    The Tennessee legislature should do what WE THE PEOPLE have to do when our income gets short---tighten the belt and stop spending so much. When times are good, we all like to go eat at Logan's or Red Lobster, but when funds get low sometimes we have to eat at home and have noodles for a while.

    State government just doesn't want to cut down on their spending now that times are tough. They've become addicted to the tax revenue, and like a junkie they can't get off the needle. They want more, more, more. But it doesn't work that way when the revenue is drying up.

    I'll give you an example of one form of waste. Just the other day I was going to the store when I saw a state cop roadblock--they were "checking for seatbelt violations"...right? But it reminded me of something from communist East Germany, "Can we see your papers?"

    There's no telling how much tax money was being wasted, statewide, by dozens of coppers out there harassing and snooping on citizens over "seatbelt" violations. That's just one small example of OUR TAX MONEY being spent or wasted.
  5. Jackson eh? I know where that is! Thats about 2 hrs from me.

    If you left jackson going east on I-40 to the 182 mile marker, you'll be 3 miles from me when you get offf the exit!

    It's nice to know we have some friends close by!

    RMJL I live about 20 miles west of Nashville. I'm in the middle between you two.

    I can't talk about the new tax just yet. I have an insider telling me that it's going to chew my balls if it gets passed. They have already doubled the taxes on cigarettes and liquer.
    Them dumb asses won't let us have a lottery so we won't have to pay our hard earned money for nothing.

    Enough about Suckquest and his gang!!!!
  6. em, i got my bro and sis-inlaw in newhampshire,

    just my de-valued recesion two cents.

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