Hey Canadian Chick here :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sarahbcx, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Well like i said in the title... I'm a Canadian Chick
    but they call me Sarah, Goldfish or Clumsy Bitch.
    Anyways im new here so idk what im suppose to say... oh well :)
  2. You're not suppose to say anything...pics only.
  3. haha, I told her this was gonna happen.
  4. Lets see dem tittays....

    JK XD Welcome to the city.
  5. We are all clumsy, we are all gold fish, all of our names are sarah...Come with us sister shall we drink the kool aid? It's grape.
  6. lol Welcome Goldfish.

    Awesome name.
  7. If ur really that curious about what my boobs look like just ask blazedasfuck ;)

  8. Okay blazed.. what do her boobs look like? lol
  9. Bro, they're perfect. You just wanna bury your face in them bitches, haha

  10. Pics or it didn't happen.... but no really welcome to the city!
  11. Welcome to the city :smoking:
    where I guess you have a penis until proven innocent?
  12. Damn seriously whats that obsession with boobs? Oh yeah right... BOYS! lol
  13. Wow this is weird
  14. I want to see dem tittays!
  15. Fuckin internet, got to love it.
  16. Welcome Canadia. Enjoy your stay. :) :smoke:
  17. What's so wierd?
  18. Canada is my neighbor here in Michigan :)
  19. Thanks :)
  20. What's up goldfish ...... I too would like to see

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