hey Bud Head

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by highawatha, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. oooh PARTEEY.
    dontch be diggin up any crazy old news on me critter me bestmate. :D
  2. LAWDY NO! it'll be my next stop.
  3. Nothing real big this year. Me and some of my friends are going to do a week end Bar-B-Q.

    It should be fun!!!
  4. well that was not tooo bad. thankye mate :D
  5. Looks like us oldies shut down the site.LOL
  6. HAppy buttday birthead, I mean............... you know what I mean ;)

  7. Not yet but getting close. LOL

    Where the hell have you been? I haven't had nobody to BS with!
  8. I spend a very good portion of my free time having sex and being too stonede to move but I always make it a point to check the threads. I always stop by you just need to write something on a thread i've replied to and I'll see it.

    I miss you, don't be a stranger *lol*
  9. I haven't had time to get to church. I guess thats where you been hanging out.

    I'm glad you are enjoying life. Sex and being stoned is a perfect match! LOL
  10. So BH, did you get voted for best member of society two years in a row now or what?
  11. You have a damn good memory Vat.

    I haven't even herd about that this year. I have added two more charities to my selection this year though. I should be getting close.

    This year I'm trying for Mayor to a town close to me. The existing mayor and city manager are trying to help me in the next election.

    In November you all can call me Mayor Bud Head!!

    ^^Now that is moving up the line.^^
  12. Oh and FYI................

    In june The city has a new kiddie park going in.

    Guess who it's being named after?????
  13. You have 3500 posts, Bud Head! Congrats, man!!!!!!!

    :::::doing the dance:::::::::

    Back on topic...Ok, Mayor, which town is it?

  14. I was being quiet about the 3500 posts. I don't want people thinking I need a real life LOl.

    I'm not telling the town sweetie. You'll have to come down for the celebration! It will be fun guarenteed!!!!!!11
  15. Good luck with it. When you win, I will definitely be there for the after-party.
  16. You'll be the first person I'll tell.

    I'll send the Limo to get ya! LOL.
  17. oooh an' whats a higha eh? LOL

    damn its cold outside.

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