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  1. when do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend? like weeks,months? Just out of curiosity bc everyones different and approaches shit a different way
  2. Depends.

    He finds that sometimes, you don't need to ask...

  3. idk if i like that bc what if you found out you didnt like that person and your stuk with them bc you didnt ask bc then you gotta break up and bitches be crazy and freak and what not
  4. You don't ask you demand.

  5. Well i rather not be with a person that doesnt want to be with me....
  6. Yeah well that's the only way, you take what you want.

  7. are you saying youll know when to ask bc thats when you take it?
  8. lol sounds like we're talking about rape.

    Why even ask it so formally? Just ask her on a date or something if you think she likes you. You get along well?
  9. man dont think about it so much. youll know if she likes you, just ask her when yall are chilling or something. i dont ever ask till after like 2 months of knowing them, cause i gotta know if this is someone i actually wanna hang around and if there cool or not.
    i know your pain though man im the same way. i just gotta force myself to be chill and not think about it so much.
  10. Sounds like a question from my 12 year old sister >.>
  11. lol just whip your dick out and be like "are we gonna do this or not"?

  12. No I'm saying this about anything. If you like something then take it without asking or caring.
  13. what kind of question is this? there is no specific time frame of when u should ask a girl out. if the girl seems into you and is flirting with you in a way that seems more than just friendly go ahead and make a move. sometimes it takes months and sometimes days it all depends on the girl. i once met a girl, 3 days later i texted her for the first time and after a week of texting/calling had our first date and BAM kissed her and made her my girl.lasted 8 months (with a 6month break after the first 2). i consider that pretty good for something that happened so quick.
  14. Never fails:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWxYhW5N8E4]Shelly Song - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Wow...that's actually the nick name of the girl i was talking about....lol kinda creepy...

  16. That's why I posted it...
  17. she is your wife as soon as you truly love eachother
  18. Firstly, you don't ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you make the move. I'm not that experienced with relationships, I've only had a few girlfriends, but they all became that through me making a move. Wanting to talk about it or asking them about it makes you seem unconfident and indirect, two traits which you want to avoid possessing at all costs, if you want to get girls.

    Imo that move should me made within a month at very most... longer than that and you risk being friend zoned.
  19. y'know, whats with the freind zone? what if i dont feel in a way that i wanna express my affection physically within the first month? what if i like to know a girl for a long time before i feel comfortable with that? what if it doesnt even occur to me that i wanna marry this girl within the first month of me knowing her? whats with girls not liking that?
  20. Leaving it for so long shows a lack of confidence, because they'll think you're procrastinating or avoiding the situation out of anxiety. Whether you are or not that's what it looks like. Also taking so long to feel comfortable around them/with the concept of making the move shows a lack of confidence and initiative.

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