hey blades i really need your advice on a growing question, please help

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  1. hey guys i really need some advice
    i have a 8 plant hydro system and a 5x5 tent is it a good idea for me to grow 8 plants in it. because i know that the more space they have to grow the bigger they get
    so i  was thinking of just growing 3. in a 5x5 tent i think they would have a lot of room to grow and get pretty big.  I'm so sick of spending so much on bud prices haha.
    i smoke about an ounce a week, and i know that the average time for bud to grow is like 3 months. so would need give or take 3/4 of a pound from each harvest to last until the next one. 
    if i pick a higher yielding strain with that much space do you think thats possible to get or is that unrealistic. I'm sorry I've never grown.
    and again sorry one more question, are there any beginner friendly (a little bit easier to grow, more resistant to fuck ups lol) brand name strains like any kush or some sour.
    i heard northern lights is beginner friendly but i don't know about yield. would you consider northern lights a "dank" strain. I've never smoked it. 
    oh wait one more question and I'm realy sorry guys I've tried searching and couldn't find any of it. is there any like feeding schedule that tells you when to add what and when and how t flush etc. like a feeding schedule for dummies ?
    i really appreciate it guys sorry for any typos I'm stoned. 

  2. What kinda light you have
  3. Everything's in the light, but space wise, especially if you wanna harvest every 3 months, 5x5 is enough for 8 plants.
  4. I have to disagree, 5x5 is not enough to support 8 plants.
    You want to give them at least 2 sq. ft. per plant so you really only want 4, maybe 5 but it's going to be a jungle with the 5th.
    Unless you're going to lollipop the plants and then 5 would be okay I guess, depending on strain.
  5. Lol. If you're gonna give each plant 2 sq ft. You could fit 12 plant in there boss

    If flowering time is 9-10 weeks, they aren't gonna get so big during veg either.

    But yeah, I'd go with four scrogged.
  6. Well if it's 5 foot across........ How many 2 foot squares can you fit into 5 foot?
    If you put four plants in there you'll have 6" left over on all sides BOSS.

    But you're saying that you can fit 25 plants and give each two feet of space?
    WHAT IS 5 X 5 BOSS?

    How you going to get 25 plants within 25 sq ft and still give each one 2 sq ft Boss?
    Your math does not comput Boss........ ROFL
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    Uh. 1 square foot is 12 inches by 12 inches. Two square feet is 24 inches by 12 inches.

    To find the area of a square, you multiply length x width. So, if you have a square that is 2 ft on each side, that would give you 2x2 which is 4 sq ft.

    In a 5x5 area, you have 25 sq ft...

    Lol, really dude? Where'd you get that I said 25 plants?


    You may want to think about what you're saying before you look like a fool.....
    OOPS, to late...... lol
  9. And you need to brush up on your reading comprehension sir, as all I've stated is you can fit 8 plants in a 5x5 chamber and that 2 square feet is 12.5 times smaller than 25 square feet.

    There's a difference between square footage and foot sized squares you dingus. A square that is two feet on each side is 4 square feet. THATS basic math.

    You're the one saying I wanted 25 plants in there? (Wtf?)
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    Now you're simply back peddling. ROFL
    OKAY, tell me how you're going to fit EIGHT 4' squares in 25 sq ft.

    Why can't people just admit they made a mistake as opposed to talking stupid shit.

    2' x 2' =4' sq ft.
  11. Here is a hint.
    View attachment 1615596
  12. Dude. You said 2 foot squares. Which is 4 square feet.

    You did not say 2 square feet. There is a difference.

    I never said you needed 4 square feet per plant. You did.

    Meh, either way, I'll leave you and your wonky math to it then.

    @op. You can grow 8 plants in a 5x5 if you have the proper lights.
  13. I'd like to see that........ ROFL
  14. In regards to how many plants you should go with,  check out the Scrog method.  That's helpful in getting the most out of your buds in a small space.   Hell I've seen 3/4 lb off one plant in a tent similar to what your talking about.  
    There certainly are higher yielding strains....check out leafly or some other bud review sites, they should have yield information for you.  I'm with you, I hate buying bud!  Unless of course is that unmistakable FIRE.
    bigger plants doesn't necessarily equal bigger buds.  Make sure you have adequate lighting to hit all the bud sites.  Again, check out the scrog method...there are plenty of posts on GC about it.  .  
    When your shopping for nutes, make sure to look on the bottles.  Generally, they have recommended doses of how much and when to feed your plants.  This is a good general rule of thumb but make sure you keep an eye on your ladies to make sure you aren't over feeding.  I usually alternate feeds with fresh one feed, and a nutrient mix the next feed. 
    When it comes to flushing, another general rule of thumb is to start flushing two weeks prior to harvest.  Feed your girls fresh, pH balanced water until run off.
    Happy growing!
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    Yeah, scrog is great if you have access to 3 sides of the tent.
    Here is a 3' x 9' screen I did a while back.


  16. OMG did you go through Milwaukee public schools.  A 2' x 2' square would be 4 sq.ft.  when they say you need to give each plant 2 sq.ft that would be a square 1' x 1'.  Yes there is 25 sq.ft. in a 5' x 5' room.  Therefore you could have 12.5 1' x 1' squares.    Basic, basic math.  I am a contractor and have to figure square footage daily.  Don't go telling me I am wrong you guys are just misunderstanding each other I think.  I do 9 plants in a 6' x 6' room beautifully in a 9 bucked rdwc system.  You can easily get your 3/4 lb per harvest, but it will take some practice.  Don't expect magic your first run.
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  18. So if planting seed, 6-8 weeks veg time, depending on strain 7-10 weeks flower. On the high side 18 weeks. I don't know what light you'll be using, a 5x5 tent will present heat issues, being a new grower, I would suggest starting with 2 plants, maybe 3. You're going to have issues that will come up. Hone your skills and each grow will get better, don't expect huge yields at first , There is to much hype in this regard, mostly by nute company's. The average commercial growers are yielding 39.5g per square ft. and they are using 1000w systems with high ceilings, CO2 etc. Northern Light is a good choice, it does well in most conditions.

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