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  1. Hey just wondering if anyone has ran into this, i got some black specks in my dwc bucket, i currently run a sterile system, plants got mad screwed battled rott in a few tubs, cleaned the one that died, bleached the bucket, bleached the stones, netpot, and after a nice thourogh rinse a dropped a seedling in it, water is just culligan refills i get at the fill up station comes out at a nice 5.5 ph and 3 ppm. Anyways added my nutes 1/4 stregnth remo grow, and micro , along with magnifical. I also run .5ml of bleach every 3 or 4 days to keep a sterile system now, bacteria living res so fourth just hated me lol. Anyways long story short this developed after a week, NOW i checked the temps i was at 72 deg which ive looked alot could breed bacteria, but still its not extreme. I cleaned all my buckets and rigged up this system using an old ac window conditioner which sits inside a decent sized tote and chills the water to about 60 and circulates through a line that wraps around each individual bucket, have got the buckets down to about 64 so far so its a success for me. Do you think that will prevent this from happening again OR do you think it could have just been the nutes binding? Thanks in advance pics belooow!

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  2. For the most part it all was settled at the bottom, but actually pretty decent sized, when water was agitated was tons floating around.
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    I would drop going sterile. It's not the most healthy method for roots. Run lots of air. Get some botanicare hydroguard. Run that every water change. You can team that up with either hygrozyme, cannazyme, or barely based pond clarifier. That will bust up dead material in the root zone and the voracious bacteria in the hydroguard will eat it up.

    I run DWC and use beneficials in my root zone instead of running sterile. GH rapid start, botanicare hydroguard, advanced nutrients piranha, fox farm bush doctor.
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  4. That root mass is insane LOL i could only wish. I have hydroguard was using it before to be completely honest it did get up too 74ish . made a rdwc a while back, just had horrible experince as well , but that was due to some light leaks as well. Yeah your right sterile isnt really the best , im just considering with my track record , ill have to pick up some hygrozyme or cannazyme, im running 3 buckets seperate might try 2 again using bennies etc, and the other one sterile , now that temps are correct and 0 light leaks, will also invest in a more air as well , habe plenty but cant get too much XD, do you use rapid start right through the process? This was something i was thinking about along time ago, but thought it was more of a cloning thing thanks a bunch!
  5. I use rapid start in my DWC. Damn that is a root mass!!!!
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  6. I recently read that floralicious plus or any other enhancers like that can leave residue. I think they called them boogers. LOL I wonder if these are the same deal, just from a different product.
  7. I have floralicious plus and I rarely use it because it stains the whole res. It's the hardest stuff to wash off of any equipment. Floranova bloom is like mud and can require water changes to get rid of the deposits but the plants love it.

    GH rapid start isn't only for clones and it has a pretty comprehensive profile of root organisms. I use it about every water change until I get to late flower. It doesn't take a lot with live innoculants they multiply.
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  8. I was looking at that recharge supplement, seems like it has all the good stuff in it, just hard to put my foot on if it's viable in DWC. Might have to give em a ring..
  9. Are you talking about Rapid start?
    It is viable in DWC I use it now.
  10. I've looked at recharge. I was going to try it myself. It claims to be DWC safe but I have heard some mixed reviews in DWC. Many soil and other medium growers love it. Rapid start is expensive but I find that the root microbe supplements are easy to stretch because you just need to get a good culture going. It's not like adding nutrients.
  11. Good point, been researching it more and more all night, seen some pretty good reviews etc, think it's worth a shot I will be adding in rapid start as well on top, left them an email as I'm in Canada and apparently it's impossible to find here lol. Seeing as half my seedlings succumbed to pythium, well damped off arghhh it had to be an infection in the buckets , something else cool I figured out chamomile tea , never would have figured. . Douced my other 2 survivors and they look good. Ill let you know how the recharge goes if I can get my hands on it.
  12. No, was meaning this pretty much premixed Bennie type spheal, has everything needed in it and over a million per gram in good bacteria's etc. Have read some awesome reviews on it so far, should check it out it's called Recharge by realgrowers.com
  13. Will do! Thanks for the info. Will be watching.
  14. So I have made a decision, I have a few questions, I decided since recharge is pretty much impossible to get here unless I want to pay insane inflation, and risk it getting copped, since I already have hydro guard I heard it's a stimulant as well, was going to pick up a thing of Remo velokelp to mimic your fox farm bush doctor, and a bottle of pirhanna . Is the velokelp pretty much bush doctor?
    VeloKelp’s amazing formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically designed to support a thriving garden. It can be used during in all stages of growth, however VeloKelp is most beneficial during early plant development:

    Propagation: Promotes vigorous root development and assists with reducing transplant shock. Vegetative Cycle: Helps with the generation of new shoots and appendages. Flowering Cycle: Assists with nutrient uptake. And also do you make teas or just directly add it into your res thanks man!
  15. Sorry also getting a thing of hydrozyme
  16. Bush doctor and a Kelp supplement are completely different categories of supplements. Bush doctor is a root zone microbe supplement. It doesn't supply nutrients to the plant to speak of. Kelp is great for plants. It's full of micronutrients and plant growth hormones along with some NPK content. It's a nutrient for direct plant uptake. It's got nothing to do with microbes which inhabit and enhance the root zone. That's what Bush Doctor and Piranha are all about.

    Hydro guard is nothing but bacteria that helps keep your root zone clean. Think of it like probiotics for your plant. It's got nothing to do with real nutrient supplement. It's for healthy roots. Hygrozyme busts up dead organic material for processing. It's also for healthy roots and has little to do with actual plant nutrition. It just promotes health. That's what root zone supplements really do.
  17. I do believe in hydro root supplements are key to high yield. I wouldn't grow without them. If you don't you're rolling the dice on what will grow in your roots. Plenty of air is almost as high of a priority if not equal.
  18. Exactly, my fault thought there was only one bush doctor sub category, which one are you using by chance, read the first one that popped up so I figured kelp , lol, and read a link stating where hydro guard is an accelerator and yes I know it eats the dead roots and refeeds the plant with nutrients by doing such. And do you make teas? Or just directly add them into the res. I was doing teas before and TBH I think that's where I netted the rot from using my own compost.
  19. Some supplements require brewing with an airstone and fed as a "tea". None of the ones we have discussed require that. They are all direct feed supplements. Just read the directions.

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