Hey anyone know what kind of bong this is?

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  1. Just got it a few days ago and kinda wanted to know

    Say no to drugs just smoke weed

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  2. Accidentally cmade to of this thread post here

    Say no to drugs just smoke weed
  3. This is a hard one! How about the big logo across the chamber that says "Zoom"?

    Zoom glass, google it and you can see similar pieces being sold online. 
  4. Weed is a drug.

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  5. I couldn't find any zoom bongs I already tried that

    Say no to drugs just smoke weed
  6. What will happen to you if you do not find out? Will you go crazy? Will you attempt suicide?
  7. Probably

    Say no to drugs just smoke weed
  8. Let me smoke somthin first ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415589671.375199.jpg

    Joints > blunts
  9. Its mass-produced Asian glass (or maybe novice American) with a fake name decal thrown on it so it would fetch a better price.
  10. Um...let's see...Its a steel bong...
    ....no no no...wait...its a wooden bong
    ...no that aint right either. Ok it's an acrylic bong.
     Damn that not it. A glass bong?
     Hey! it's a glass bong! I'm right!  :)
  11. Some people are just ignorant cock fucks that waste peoples time with lame ass remarks because they like different things opposed to others.

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